• Blockchain analytics firm Elliptic revealed that the Ukrainian government and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have raised about $14.2 million through anonymous cryptocurrency donations.
  • As Elliptic previously stated, the Ukrainian NGO Come Back Alive received millions of dollars in cryptocurrency donations. However, the NGO’s fundraising campaign was suspended by Patreon due to policy violations.
  • An ethereum-based token project called Help Ukraine ($HUKR) was created on Thursday. According to Elliptic, the new project has been donating Ether to a fundraising campaign called Support Ukrainian Sovereignty.

The Russia-Ukraine crisis is in full swing. Prayers and donations are pouring in from around the world. On Sunday night, the Ukrainian government even urged people around the world to make cryptocurrency donations in a tweet. The tweet further stated that the government is accepting donations of bitcoin, ethereum and USDT. The government even mentioned BTC, Ether and USDT cryptocurrency addresses in the tweet.

A Ukrainian NGO has received $3 million from a single bitcoin donation.

According to blockchain analytics firm Elliptic, the Ukrainian government and NGOs have raised a total of about $14.2 million in anonymous cryptocurrency donations. One NGO even received a $3 million donation of bitcoin.

Stand with the people of Ukraine. Now accepting cryptocurrency donations. Bitcoin, Ether and USDT.

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According to Elliptic's blog report, these addresses have received $7.9 million in 11,494 transactions, according to live updates of donations.

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Patreon Suspends an NGO Fundraiser Aimed at Supporting Ukrainian Soldiers

One donation worth $1.86 million was allegedly made from NFT sales. Apparently, these NFTs were originally planned to be sold to raise funds for Julian Assange. A previous Elliptic research paper noted that the pro-army Ukrainian NGO "Come Back Alive" raised millions of dollars in funds.

However, Patreon, a U.S.-based fundraising platform that allows groups and individuals to conduct fundraising campaigns, suspended its Come Back Alive fundraising campaign as the NGO was raising funds to support Ukrainian soldiers.

Elliptic further revealed that of the cryptocurrency donations received by the Ukrainian government, 54.8% were Bitcoin, 33.4% were Ether, 10.8% were stablecoin, and 1% were other.

In addition, on Thursday, an Ether-based token project called Help Ukraine ($HUKR) was created. The project has been donating Ether to support Ukrainian sovereignty, a fundraising campaign that promises to donate funds to various charities in Ukraine. It has reportedly raised about $281,769.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world have stepped up to help Ukraine in times of crisis. Wavefield cryptocurrency founder Sun Yuchen also shared his conversation with the Ukrainian embassy via a tweet, to which the embassy replied, "The information you have is correct" So all addresses have been verified Let's get to it Let's not miss this opportunity"


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