Luntivo Finance is a decentralized exchange built on the Terra blockchain and a trading and governance token. Luntivo Finance has announced the closing of its pre-sale/initial token offering (ICO) beginning February 8, 2022 through March 28, 2022.

Luntivo Finance DEX is the first of its kind on the terra blockchain and will revolutionize transactions on the terra blockchain and further the future of cryptocurrency in the meta-universe, it will be used as an exchange platform in Luntivo Finance DEX and to rise in the Luntivo Finance DEX pledged mining pool Get rewarded and earn profits. Luntivo Finance DEX is a new-age automated market marker (AMM-based DEX) equipped with a myriad of security and privacy features.

Automated Market Marking (AMM-based DEX) encourages token pledges and token exchanges and benefits liquidity pools (LPs) and exchange users through accessible liquidity provisioning and exchanges, especially for illiquid assets.

Luntivo Finance offers innovative features that interoperate with the meta-universe.

The metaverse is a multidimensional creation of a new virtual world interface layer between the physical world and the virtual world.

Metaverse offers hobbyists and participants a new way to make money and other alternative and irreplaceable assets. This is where Luntivo Finance DEX comes in.

Luntivo Finance DEX provides a way for participants to trade assets, fungible and non-fungible tokens across markets. Luntivo Finance Beta is only available for the Terra blockchain, but there are plans to make it cross-chain.

Luntivo Finance distinguishes itself as a new generation of DEX with its Secured Asset Fund for Users (SAFU). This feature ensures the protection of users' funds and is only available for selected tokens on DEX. Luntivo Finance maintains this fund to ensure sufficient liquidity and strong defenses

Combat fraudulent schemes such as carpet pulling and cyber hacking.

We are pleased to announce that our native token, LTVN, will be available on various public DEX. In addition, Early Luntivo participants will have access to hidden lending tokens and very flexible transaction rates without the need for an intermediary.

To ensure scalability, the Terra blockchain run by Luntivo Finance is built as an open source public blockchain program protocol for algorithmic stable coins that always tracks the price of any fiat currency, enabling users to trade or exchange terra stable coins, thus creating a demand for terra to stabilize and increase the price of Luna.

The Luntivo Finance pre-sale/ICO offers participants and users the opportunity to access the Luntivo Finance beta program and receive LTVN tokens. LTVN will be officially registered on various DEXs to enhance trading options and access for qualified traders.

It is also worth noting that Luntivo Finance was recently added to CoinMarketCap and is in the process of a Series A listing, after which it will be open for trading on DEXs other than the Luntivo Finance DEX.

20 million LTVN has been earmarked for pre-sales/initial token offerings (ICOs) and is limited to a minimum purchase of 3 Luna to ensure pre-sales are available to people eager to benefit from this huge opportunity, and it is also capped at 600 Luna to prevent major players from over-monopolizing the market.

The Luntivo Finance team is excited to take this opportunity to engage the public in this innovative pre-sale for a limited time, join now and help build the future.

Token Economics

Luntivo Finance Token Economics has been arranged to provide participants with the opportunity to develop the ecosystem and simulate the trading and acceptance of Luntivo Finance DEX.

Disclaimer: This token economics is based on the LUNA price of $55. Prices may vary at the time of purchase.

Luntivo Finance DEX's native trading and exchange token is LTVN.

The following is a breakdown of the distribution.

Total LTVN = 100 million

Tokens allocated for ICO: 20M (20%)

Tokens for airdrop/initial promotion: 5M

Minimum purchase: 3 LUNA

Maximum purchase volume: 600 LUNA

1 UST = 40 LTVN

1 Luna = 2200 (LTVN)

$1= 40 (LTVN)

1 LTVN = 0.00045 LUNA (LUNA/$55)

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