Despite the "FUD," Pixelmon founder Syber says he's not going anywhere.

The Pixelmon saga doesn't look good. The well-funded NFT adventure game has been met with community outcry after a disastrous exposure. But who is to blame?

Is Pixelmon really the next blue chip stock?

Back in December 2021, Syber, the user who created the project, declared Pixelmon to be the next blue chip. Fast forward to three months later, the project's founders say the team needs more time to develop the game and hopes to release an alpha version by the end of the year.

As the first AAA game in the NFT space, the team behind Pixelmon assures that it will offer an immersive experience, asking players to purchase NFT Pixelmon for at least 3 ETH. The NFT sale went live before Pixelmon's official release. Buyers are now questioning whether this extraordinary price is justified.

Many users are unhappy with what they paid for. Many said Pixelmon looked terrible, while others blamed the project for the poor quality of the game's art and carpet-pulling allegations.

According to the latest data from CoinGecko, Pixelmon currently has a price floor of 0.365 ETH.


Without the "icing", Syber admitted to the fiasco and said the release was unacceptable.

Pixelmon’s leaks are unacceptable. This is what our Pixelmon looks like in-game. Our NFT art fails to reflect this.

Although I’m not going anywhere. The goals have not changed. The funds will still be used to build our game. I’ll see this project.

On the other hand, community members have also pointed out that some Pixelmon assets come directly from the Unity stock model. In response to these allegations, Syber responded that

“malbers animation and meshtint studios and several other modeling teams were hired to create models for Pixelmon. None of them were stolen. We used the unique models they created and paid for them as we would any model. Their unified assets are not used for our nfts.”

The executive further clarified that the team does not intend to use the models in the actual game, adding that it will use the funds raised to create better models and higher quality characters.

Highlighting the hate and threats Syber received on social media platform Twitter following the launch, the executive said he's not going anywhere and that the goal hasn't changed, while adding that funds will still be used to develop the game.

With the Pixelmon team working on the fix, buyers will now have to wait until the project adds "famous people" to create quality models.

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