Network 3 is not in top shape. – In the wake of the ongoing tragic events regarding the invasion of Ukraine, the Ukrainian-based NFT platform DMarket took to Twitter to say that they are taking drastic action against its Russian and Belarusian users. Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister quickly relayed the message, expressing support for the initiative. However, this arbitrary decision could be misinterpreted, as it runs counter to the philosophy of Web 3.

DMarket Sanctions its Russian and Belarusian Users

DMarket is a platform for buying and selling skins for video games, including Counter Strike Global Offensive. The platform also sells NFT. Each transaction is recorded on their blockchain. In total, the site has completed over 10 million transactions. As such, it is a key player in the industry NFT representation.

Although the platform has thousands of users in Russia, that hasn't stopped it from posting disturbing news about them.

As a result, the company announced four measures aimed at punishing users in Russia and Belarus.

– All assets and skins are retained on the user account, but access to their use is currently restricted.

– The Russian ruble is removed from the platform.

First, the official ban on the registration of the territory in question and the removal of the Russian ruble from its list of accepted currencies. On the other hand, the other two statements pose serious ethical problems, even for their border users in terms of legislation. In fact, what awaits them now are frozen accounts and access to their skin and limited assets.

If web 3 and its idea of freedom seems to be tainted by the news, then it is possible that the organization will back off. At this time, the statement was not followed up with any details, which does not establish the idea of a complete confiscation of the accounts in question.

However, the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine conveyed this statement by issuing a statement indicating the continuity of the measure.

Announcement encouraged by the Government of Ukraine

Received breaking news. @dmarket, a platform for trading NFT and in-game metaverse items, has decided to freeze the accounts of users from the Russian Federation and Belarus. Funds from these accounts can be donated to the war effort. Now Robin Hood. Well done.

– Mykhailo Fedorov (@FedorovMykhailo) February 27, 2022

Mykhailo Fedorov praised the market's decision and then encouraged him to use the frozen funds to help defend Ukraine. To this was added an a priori subjective compliment, calling DMarket a "modern Robin Hood". However, Russian wealth is unlikely to trade and collect CS-GO skins. Having said that, maybe he has information we don't, in which case let's not go any further ……

Far from the ideals of web 3, the approach of the DMarket platform is the first of its kind. This sanction raises questions because it involves individuals who have no responsibility for the current crisis. However, given the extreme tensions, a spontaneous decision is unfortunately not surprising. Many people are critics if the declaration can legitimize what the public perceives as close to a classic carpet in the name of the public good. The reasons for this approach may seem reasonable and generous, but the possibility of an opportunistic "spotlight" cannot be ruled out.

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