Mankind has always had the ambition to explore outer space. To this day, the moon landing remains etched in history as one of the most revered events of all time and continues to inspire more than half a century later. Space travel is still far from universal and therefore beyond the reach of even the planets and moons of our solar system, barring the hard work and efforts of the world's various space programs. The MARS4 Metaverse aspires to bring that dream one step closer.

What is MARS4?

MARS4 is a blockchain-based project consisting of three interconnected components: NFT, MARS4 USD, and the upcoming game. All of these elements will come together to create an interactive virtual Mars with a self-sustaining economy. Like many blockchain games, MARS4 will be a Play-to-Earn game where NFT and tokens are used as tools to provide players with a rich and exciting Mars experience.

With MARS4, you can own unique Martian land NFTs modeled after NASA's Mars data. MARS4 land NFTs are already available for sale and will be a key part of the upcoming game, with their terrain shaping playable areas Landowners will be able to explore and develop their land by building stations, homes, and exploiting existing resources.

KuCoin coin uploading and pledging

The extension of the MARS4 project now sees tokens listed on KuCoin. KuCoin is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange used by over 11 million traders worldwide. This listing provides MARS4 customers with additional flexibility to purchase and exchange tokens.

In addition, MARS4 has launched a pledge program accessible from the project website. KuCoin's listing coincides exactly with the launch of the Staking program, providing investors with more options when purchasing MARS4 tokens. MARS4 is also listed on SushiSwap, Bittrex and Mexc.

MARS4: Revenue Generating NFT, Play and Earn Games

MARS4 tokens will be used in upcoming games. The first playable version of the MARS4 game is expected to be released in the third quarter of this year, while the web-based Mars Control Center will be available in the first to second quarter.

The browser-based Mars Control Center will allow NFT plot owners to manage their assets: participate in the NFT market, view owned NFTs, and collect revenue. MARS4 NFT generates revenue due to the NFT economy.

This is not the only way to make money from Mars4. Mars4 is developing an exciting and immersive game that will enable its players and landowners to profit from it. There will be several ways to earn rewards from the game – both for landowners and players who don't own land.

Players will work together to survive in the harsh Martian environment and produce everything from food and oxygen all the way to assembling vehicles. These goods, which players can provide to each other, form the basis of the game's player-built economy and can be bought and sold through an in-game marketplace with Mars4 dollars as the only currency.

Players and landowners will also be able to use the planned devkit to forge their own NFT creations, creating additional tradable props and decorations for their survival habitat.

For landowners who do not want to actively develop their land, they can assign land managers to handle the development and leasing of their land to players.

In addition, landowners benefit passively by charging a small fee for all transactions conducted on their land, encouraging them to develop their land and attract player colonists, and charging a fee for all goods transported between players traversing their land.

Together, these systems form an interconnected and thriving economy that helps players and landowners shape Mars into their own paradise.


MARS4 is growing rapidly and continues to attract more cryptocurrency exchanges. MARS4 on KuCoin means an enhanced customer experience and greater user flexibility. Soon, humans will take their first steps on Mars.

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