Coinbase, a leading U.S.-registered centralized cryptocurrency ecosystem, is on a hiring spree. Starting in February, its team will add a professional with 15 years of experience in finance, business development and content production.

Brian Rocha Joins Coinbase as Head of Content Strategy

According to an announcement shared by Mr. Brian Rocha on his LinkedIn page, he started working as the head of content strategy for Coinbase's cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Brian Rocha joins Coinbase Image from LinkedIn

Mr. Rocha is excited to use his expertise in developing strategies for entertainment giants to explore the opportunities unlocked by the cryptocurrency and Web3 space:.

I’m excited to share that today I’ll be joining Coinbase After working with traditional and new media and entertainment companies for the past 15 years, I’m excited to seize new opportunities to build content strategies for the #crypto, #blockchain and #web3 worlds.

His announcement was verified by Coinbase's official LinkedIn account.

Previously, Mr. Rocha spent more than five years as a manager, senior manager and head of content and analytics at Netflix, the world's leading streaming platform.

Coinbase Attracts Web2 Professionals

Prior to Netflix, he planned finance and digital development at The Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. Entertainment. At Disney, he was also involved in coordinating business development in China.

This is not the first time a Web2 veteran has joined Coinbase to advance its toolkit, technology advancements and rollout. As reported by U.Today, in November 2021, Shalin Pei, a Facebook engineer responsible for FB Social News and FB Local News workloads, was appointed as Coinbase's DeFi designer.

Ms. Bae even attached ".eth" to her Twitter handle to mark the switch to the Web3 domain.