We've seen several blockchain games being released over the past few years, and now it's the turn of Blockchain Monster Hunt, a game to earn tokens, but do you want to play?


Blockchain Monster Hunt

Blockchain Monster Hunt Token | Blockchain Monster Hunt How to Play

It is the world's first multi-chain game to run entirely on the blockchain itself. Inspired by Pokémon-GO, BCMH allows players to constantly explore new locations on the blockchain in order to hunt and fight monsters.

In this way, each block on the blockchain is a unique digital space where a limited number of monsters (with the same DNA genes and rarity) can exist. Players and collectors can hunt or fight for the opportunity to capture these unique monsters and earn gold.

In addition, monsters are created with new blocks on the blockchain, and the attributes of each new monster are based purely on the unique fingerprint of the particular block (i.e., the block hash).

Blockchain Monster Hunt Token | Blockchain Monster Hunt How to Play

This means that no one can predict or control the appearance and properties of the monster.

Furthermore, this means that the size of BCMH grows as the blockchain itself grows. However, since no one can predict the block hash before the block is mined, no one (not even the game developers) can control the monster world.

In this way, these factors make Blockchain Monsters a unique species living on the blockchain and take BCMH beyond the concept of a simple NFT proprietary system built into most nft games on the market today.

In this sense, Blockchain Monster Hunt brings an exciting new experience where players can play games and encourage interaction with each other in multiple chains. For example, the Water Elemental Monster is only available on Ether and the Fire Elemental Monster is only available on the Coinan Smartchain.

Play Revolution

NFT and blockchain games have been hugely popular lately. However, none of the games currently on the market really have the fully decentralized ecosystem and full on-chain experience that should be a fundamental element of blockchain gaming.

The game uses several mechanisms to ensure fairness between players who pay different fees.

In addition, they have developed an internal EVM chain called "Ambros" designed to test new cryptocurrency gaming technologies and provide a low gas rate environment to support cost-sensitive gamers.

In this way, our mission is to make blockchain monster hunting accessible to anyone and everyone.

The money making model is one of the most attractive propositions in the cryptocurrency game in recent times. That's because it's been taken to the next level in Blockchain Monster Hunting (BCMH tokens).

In addition, its merger with BCMH is a true on-chain irreplaceable (NFT) token game, with most operations done in-chain.

“The BCMH team believes that multi-chain gaming will be the next breakthrough in the cryptocurrency industry. Our goal is to be a pioneer in this ever-changing space and support any other projects and teams with the same vision.”

Highlighting developers.

This is due to their ability to offer innovative player reward mechanisms with a variety of unique features. BCMH uses a unique full on-chain game engine that automatically adjusts the game difficulty based on supply and demand.

This is similar to bitcoin mining rewards, which become increasingly difficult as more hash rates are added to the network.

In addition, the difficulty is being adjusted as monsters get trapped and lost on the blockchain.

Token Economics

BCMC is an ERC-20/BEP-20 token, the primary currency of BCMHunt, and is currently listed on 6 trading platforms (QuickSwap, PancakeSwap, Gate.io, MEXC, UniSwap).

In this way, BCMC can be used for agriculture via BCMC – MATIC LP on QuickSwap and BCMC – BNB LP on ApeSwap

BCMC needs to complete Energy, which is the intermediate in-game currency used for all in-game activities.

Blockchain Monster Hunt has a minimum retention requirement for these coins to be used for high reward premium game content. However, there is a multi-chain token bridge at game launch.

Players are free to move BCMC to any chain without having to wait or bridge their tokens through a third-party platform.

In addition, the game is concerned about security. Therefore, in order to obtain maximum security, LP Cold Wallet tokens are multi-signed (locked security gnosis).

When the liquidity level falls below a threshold, the hot wallet tokens on each chain are loaded as LPs.

Fast Exchange

The partnership between BCMHunt and quickswapDEX, the largest decentralized exchange operating on the Polygon network, makes LP mining and farming programs possible. Users can place bcmc-matic LP Pair bets to receive DQuick tokens and DQuick tokens to pledge BCMC

In addition, the internal chain allows players to easily trade on different blockchains.

A fee will be charged for each portability and will be collected from BCMC. Players can choose to exchange BCMC for their own native chain coins to pay for the target chain fee. The service will even allow players to join new chains quickly and easily.

The Monster Hunt blockchain will initially be deployed on ETH, BSC and Polygon. In this way, the company's forecast is to expand to Heco, Moonriver and Ambros (internal EVM chains) in BCMH V2. Non-EVM chains will come later.

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