The government of Kazakhstan is taking new measures to crack down on cryptocurrency miners operating illegally, which is negatively impacting the country's energy resources.

The Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industries called on citizens to report "gray miners" in a social media post on Feb. 3.

In a statement issued by Minister Musin, "Gray miners are wreaking havoc on our power grid. The energy loss from illegal mining is estimated at more than 1 gigawatt." The statement was released.

Kazakhstan, which attracts miners because of its electricity costs, is one of the countries that stood out alongside the United States after China imposed a ban on cryptocurrency mining.

Miners who work illegally in the country and are therefore called "gray miners" may cause unexpected changes in electricity consumption. They avoid paying taxes, Minister Musin said, adding that these miners "must be held accountable".

The government is ready to help miners who already have "grey miner" status but want to work legally. Minister Muhsin said, "How can our colleagues leave gray mining and whitewashing? [madenci] It can support you in how to be and work without breaking the law." Gave you the message.

In Kazakhstan, there are about 200 cryptocurrency miners operating legally in their current form. There are no data on the number of miners in the gray zone.