After a long investment, the son drugged his own father to get Bitcoin and buy Ether. As an excuse, he left a note saying that it would make them millionaires. Information from The Washington Post.

As a drug addict, Liam Gailshoney's views on investing seemed to run counter to his father's ideas. When his father wouldn't listen to his advice, Liam then offered him a cup of tea with insomnia pills to get the money.

Such investments are equivalent to $ 400,000, R$ 2.1 million, and according to the tone of the report, they are located in cryptocurrency exchanges.

Good night Cinderella

While the cryptocurrency community is used to a number of scams, including the use of sedatives by colleagues, this situation is even more serious because it involves a relationship between a father and a son.

In a report to The Washington Post, the victim said he invested $100,000 in cryptocurrencies and had his son as a partner in this investment. The business did well and the two made a profit of $350,000 (R$1.8 million) in 2018.

However, the price of Bitcoin began to plummet and paranoia set in for both.

Liam Ghershony told his father that he really liked Bitcoin and asked him to sell it. Fearing that his son would break into the account and sell the BTC, the father installed a two-factor authentication (2FA) system to make it difficult to access.

However, this is where the story starts to get heavy. Liam then serves him tea and medicine, drugging his father to access his cell phone, which he needs to access the account.

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way you think [o dinheiro] it’s yours, but if you had listened to me once in your life, we would have been millionaires and now I would be handling bitcoin and I would be making millions.”

A letter written by a son after he drugged his father. Source: The Washington Post

After logging into his account, Liam used 66% of these Bitcoins (BTC) to buy Ether (ETH), about R$1.4 million out of R$2.1 million, thinking it was a better investment. As an excuse, the note states that this will make them millionaires.


Because Liam was addicted to drugs and may have used this sleeping pill, he ended up inflating the dose for his father, who did not have such a tolerance to the substance.

As a result, two days later, the victim was found unconscious on the floor of her room, thanks to a friend who called the police when she couldn't be reached, and the police quickly arrived at the scene.

Although he was doing well, the victim needed to be taken to the hospital where he spent four days recovering from severe dehydration and other problems.

The young man was later charged with attempted murder. However, thanks to his father's pardon, Liam only spent 125 days in prison. In addition, due to his drug addiction, he joined a rehabilitation group.

Finally, the victim's interview with The Washington Post suggests that the father was more concerned about his son's health than his investments.

Son Liam said he was sorry for his actions, especially in relation to his drug addiction. However, he noted that words don't mean much and that his actions will prove how much he has changed.