Ricardo Salinas Pliego, one of the richest men in Mexico and founder of the Grupo Salinas group of companies, declared in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine that the first cryptocurrency is superior to fiat money.

“Everything we have in the decree can be completely confiscated by the authorities. The government is not interested in promoting the use of bitcoin,” he said.

Salinas Pliego explains that the decentralized nature of the first cryptocurrency makes it more difficult to ban or control it.

The billionaire added that unlike fiat currencies and gold, bitcoin can also be transferred immediately around the world without the involvement of an intermediary.

He cites the limited emissions of 21 million bitcoins as an added advantage of the first cryptocurrency, which allows it to be used as a store of value in the long term.

According to Salinas Pliego, people should focus on gaining basic knowledge about the history of money and fiat currency that will help them realize the value of Bitcoin.

“But don’t expect to make easy money in 30 days,” the billionaire warned.

In November 2020, Salinas Pliego announced that he had invested 10% of his liquidity portfolio in Bitcoin.

In February 2021, the billionaire added the first cryptocurrency hashtag to his Twitter account description. In June, he encouraged everyone to invest in Bitcoin.

Recall that in his New Year's message, Salinas Pliego urged subscribers to buy digital gold.

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