With mass adoption in El Salvador, the country will now see the arrival of "La Casa de Bitcoin", a new free education center. This ambitious project is being led by Texas-based Build With Bitcoin Fund, Inc.

Backing it up is the cryptocurrency exchange Paxful, which will help educate Salvadorans about the dream that is increasingly becoming a reality.

The initiative has made an impact throughout the Bitcoin world, with more releases to follow to encourage people to use the currency in their daily lives.

What will the Bitcoin House in El Salvador be?

It's important to remember that El Salvador's entire bitcoin program started without any support from the government or companies. That said, people recognized that digital currency was important and began trading it from person to person, mainly in El Zonte, a remote part of the country.

However, as the movement gained worldwide attention and the government finally made Bitcoin legal tender, more initiatives are now starting to gain strength in the country.

The next one will be La Casa de Bitcoin, an educational project created by the Bitcoin Foundation and Paxful.

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– Built by the Bitcoin Foundation (@builtwithbtc), February 3, 2022

Youssef commented in a press release that the Texas company arrived in El Salvador with a focus on presenting bitcoin as a philanthropic and financial freedom tool.

“We are excited to build a home for the Bitcoin Build Foundation in El Salvador and to expand our reach. The project we are launching demonstrates the power of bitcoin as a philanthropic tool to help make change and achieve financial freedom. We are excited about the opportunity to provide resources and continue to create equitable opportunities for countless people and communities to make our mission a reality.”

How do I create a bitcoin wallet? How to send transactions over the internet? All of this will be taught live

La Casa de Bitcoin will teach people in El Salvador how to send and receive transactions through the decentralized network for free. Until then, everyone will be able to understand what it's like to create a secure bitcoin wallet.

Since these are vague behaviors for many people, even though they are explained on Bitcoin.org, the team that will support the new Bitcoin program in El Salvador will be better able to explain them.

It's worth remembering that 2021 was a year in which Bitcoin took many good actions, with more donations moving millions of dollars through the network. In El Salvador, a small, poor country in Central America, the adoption of digital currency is slowly becoming more meaningful.