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  • Cultos, cryptocurrency platform partner MGA rewards fans.
  • MGA uses cryptocurrency to further benefit its fans.

Cultos, the leading cryptocurrency rewards platform, announced a new partnership with MGA Entertainment, the company behind award-winning products such as Bratz and LOL Surprise!™.

Cultos is a Web3 platform that rewards users for promoting their favorite brands on social media. By liking, following, posting or otherwise interacting with companies on social channels, consumers can earn brand tokens and NFTs from their favorite companies. Through social media, Cultos aligns incentives between companies and their fans and unleashes the untapped power of social media followers.

MGA Uses Cryptocurrency to Benefit Fans

Cultos founder Andrew Yang said, "MGA is an innovative organization responsible for building some of the world's most iconic and beloved brands."

"By launching tokens on Cultos, our company is even further incentivizing fans to show their love on social media, which in turn will help grow the company's brand. This is an exciting Web3 partnership that reflects how forward-thinking organizations will leverage cryptocurrency in ways that are mutually beneficial to the company and its fans."

"By launching our own tokens, we can reward our fans for their passion and love of our brands in a new and exciting way. Digital collectibles or NFTs and social tokens are becoming hugely popular and are the future for leading brands to engage with their fans. At MGA, we are always at the forefront of innovation and we look forward to entering this untapped territory. Our tokens will provide a solution for identifying our most passionate and loyal fans and rewarding them for their invaluable support." said Jason Larian of MGA Entertainment's New Business Development Department.

Fans of MGA Entertainment, including Bratz®, LOL Surprise!™ and Rainbow High™, will be able to use the tokens earned on Cultos in a variety of ways, including NFT discounts, purchasing physical products or being considered for exclusive rewards. Other perks include discounts with our tokens, special events, limited partnerships and other exciting rewards.