Another restaurant company is adding bitcoin to its balance sheet on Everbowl's website. They say, "At Everbowl, we believe the key to life is movement." They're using the money to make the restaurant better. Under Bitcoin, something new awaits them. "Are they embracing bitcoin for the future of their business, or is this just a scam?

According to Jeff Fenster, founder and CEO of Everbowl, told Yahoo Finance.

“We have concluded that operating a cash-only business in 2022 and beyond is not the most profitable business and certainly not the safest way to do business. We understand that it may do so. It is too early to adopt a company-level business. The government has adopted Bitcoin, but we plan to participate as a case study.”

California-based superfood chain Everbowl™ will now operate its business to the Bitcoin standard and convert its cash reserves to #Bitcoin.

– Michael Saylor ⚡️ (@saylor) February 4, 2022

A few months ago, Bitcoinist featured the story of Tahinis, which has a similar feel to Everbowl.

“Business is growing again, but business owners are studying bitcoin and the nature of the currency and financial system. They understand what’s going on. It’s clear that cash is no longer the same as excess cash flow. In that economy, that will eventually cause the value of that cash to go down.”

Don't wonder if cash will depreciate in value, but wonder if it's worthless.

Everbowl is entering the cryptocurrency market.

While not yet official, it's clear that Everbowl will offer its employees the option to be paid in Bitcoin. Jack Dorsey's recent interview with Michael Saylor did not touch on this, confirming that Block pays Spiral BTC employees in BTC, but that it is an experimental company focused on bitcoin development.

Congratulations everyone. Boss move 👊🏽

– Sesame Sauce Restaurant (@TheRealTahinis) February 4, 2022

“Exponentially growing companies should stay ahead of their competitors and lead the adoption of new technologies earlier rather than later. We believe it’s a question of ‘when’, not ‘if’. Where will the Bitcoin standard replace the gold standard?”

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Loss of purchasing power

Jeff fenster says that, like MicroStrategy and Tahinis, Everbowl's move to bitcoin is due to inflation, as the government's massive money printing has reduced human capital reserves.

“As CEO, it is my responsibility to pay close attention to potential threats to my company because the dollar has depreciated so much that the 39-year spike in inflation let us know immediately where we stood. We need to rethink our financial strategy. “

“As we learned more about Bitcoin and saw the possibilities, it became clear that our organization had to embrace it and that the value of our company cash was falling at an unsustainable rate. Every company educates itself a little bit about Bitcoin in order to better understand the strategy.”

That's the key. It takes confidence to conduct your own research and make the decisions needed to adopt Bitcoin, and in just a few hundred hours, you'll find there are no shortcuts.

You don't have to be MicroStrategy or Block to add bitcoin to their balance sheet, even small and medium-sized businesses can use this strategy, as Everbowl and Tahanis are doing now.