Manchester United, one of England's most popular and successful clubs, has secured sponsorship from the Tezos blockchain platform for its training suite.

According to Athletic, the multi-year deal is worth more than 20 million pounds per year. That's about $27 million or R$144 million.

Manchester was supposed to have recorded promotional material at the club's training ground for the official announcement.

Also according to the portal, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo will be a key part of the agreement.

"United's signing of Juventus' Cristiano Ronaldo was a factor in helping to create commercial opportunities during this campaign, although United see those benefits as second only to his potential contribution as a player," the portal said.

Tezos took over from the club's previous sponsor AON after their deal expired last season. The club raised £120 million over the course of the eight-year deal.

While Manchester declined to comment on the sports story, reports suggest the deal could involve collaborations outside of United's training suite, which would help the club try to maximize opportunities in technology, including the meta-universe and "Network 3.0".

About Tesos

As mentioned earlier, Tezos is a smart contract (like Ether) based blockchain managed by the Tezos Foundation.

The platform is designed to provide an advanced infrastructure. This means that it can evolve over time without the risk of a hard fork.

The blockchain's native token is XTZ. It gives its holders the right to vote on proposed protocol updates submitted by developers.

At the time of writing, cryptocurrency assets are trading at $3.82, up 32.60% in the last 7 days.

XTZ weekly price K-line chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

Agreements with sports entities

Like other cryptocurrency-focused projects and companies, Tezos has been investing in sports sponsorships.

In 2021, it became the first blockchain transaction for the New York Mets and partnered with Red Bull Racing Honda to secure the racing team's first NFT experience.

Tezos is also a sponsor of McLaren Racing in Formula 1, IndyCar and eSports.

Meanwhile, Polkadot Network (DOT) seems to be one of the options to sponsor the Spanish club FC Barcelona. According to CriptoFácil, the agreement could be the sponsor of Barcelona jerseys and training kits.