The creators of Trends Brasil Conference (a gathering of the Brazilian music industry) and blockchain company Hathor Network have announced the launch of KickOff Music. It is a platform focused on music NFTs and fan tokens.

According to a statement sent to CriptoF√°cil, KickOff's proposal is to simplify the commercialization and ownership of irreplaceable tokens.

In addition, the platform aims to address three challenges: low transaction volume per second, high operational costs, and the complexity of developing real projects.

"From the advantages we got from the conference, we realized that blockchain technology has a huge potential for music creation, especially through NFT. We have a very clear vision for the business of music creators. So we decided that the call was ours", says Luciana Pegorer, co-founder of KickOff Music.

KickOff combines music, NFT and fan tokens

To achieve its goals, the company uses Hathor blockchain technology developed by Brazilian engineers.

The platform does not charge GAS fees – which makes transactions more expensive – and NFT is accessible even for those who are less familiar with the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology.

In addition to accepting cryptocurrency payments, KickOff also works with traditional payment methods such as credit cards. Another advantage of the network is that it has a near-zero carbon footprint.

As explained by Marcelo Pera, co-founder of KickOff Music, the format proposed by KickOff is a pioneer in music.

This is because it not only creates new types of fans/experiences, but also allows creators to control the price of their content.

As a result, KickOff creators don't "just support providing music" as they do in streaming, Pera explains.

Also according to the statement, KickOff Music is betting on NFT and Fan tokens to bring the idea of value back to music in the most classic sense through the concepts of scarcity, exclusivity and differentiation.

"New technology has revolutionized the industry and changed the way people consume music. NFT opens up a sea of opportunity for all agents. KickOff has taken the lead in demonstrating the viability of this technology. We are very proud to accelerate this project," said Gabriel Aleixo, New Business Developer at Hathor Labs.