• Broadcaster AMC has reportedly partnered with Orange Comet to release this NFT compilation
  • The Walking Dead NFT to be released in stages, earliest date Feb. 20
  • AMC previously partnered with The Sandbox to secure virtual lands for The Walking Dead

The TV series "The Walking Dead" is making its second appearance in the world of irreplaceable tokens (NFT) after its first collaboration with The Sandbox. According to a February 2 report, American broadcaster AMC intends to release NFT collectibles for the final season of the zombie apocalypse series. For this purpose, AMC has partnered with the startup Orange Comet.

Orange Comet, co-founded by singer Gloria Estefan and retired NFL star Kurt Warner, will reportedly produce the NFT. They are based on the series, which has 11 seasons.

Due to the lengthy run of the season, the plan is to release the NFT compilation in stages, with the earliest NFT drop scheduled for Feb. 20. This date coincides with the continuation of the series after its recent hiatus. NFT drop will feature 3D animation inspired by the series. In addition, the artwork should be based on the main characters of the series.

A limited number of NFTs are also planned

In addition to publicly accessible NFT, Orange Comet will offer a limited "Walker Access Pass". This is designed to give buyers exclusive access to future NFT drops this year. This pass will reportedly be available for 24 hours only and the company will not release any more passes for a year.

NFTs are minted on Eluvio, an EVM-compatible blockchain. With this, it is possible to buy them with Ether and transfer them in the Ether ecosystem. AMC justified Eluvio's decision because the blockchain is efficient and environmentally friendly when it comes to minting NFTs. As a result, she also used Fox's blockchain Creative Labs for Masked Singer NFTs. WWE also took advantage of this technology.

Orange Comet, on the other hand, has also worked with the New York Islanders and the Seattle Kraken NHL Pro Team.

While AMC initially entered the NFT world through a partnership with The Sandbox, it's worth noting that this will be the first NFT drop based on a TV series. As part of its partnership with The Sandbox, AMC acquired a lot in the metaverse game only. Block replicas of famous TV characters are located on the lot.

AMC is the only known virtual landowner in The Sandbox. They also include rapper Snoop Dogg, Warner Music Group and Adidas, among others.