It's the weekend, so the BitcoinBase podcast Bitcoin Kebab (free after Bitcoin Rehab) is once again on fire. The show is hosted by Stier Kata, a lawyer blogger our readers are already familiar with, as Kata covers the most interesting topics affecting our world today each week. The goal of Bitcoin Kebab is to talk about current events that are leaving their mark on our daily lives, whether it's cryptocurrencies, decentralization, blockchain technology, the digital revolution, or even artificial intelligence.

In the latest episode of Bitcoin Kebab, Kata's guest will be Professor Petra Aczél, director of the Institute of Communication and Sociology at Corvinus University in Budapest, a professor, visionary and new media researcher who will tell dear students how this university became the first in the world to create the so-called Future of Society Index, which measures the adaptability of nations to future challenges The project will be held at the University of the South. The staff of the research center worked on the project for several years, examining 36 countries of the OECD and then determining which are the viable countries for 2020. This may come as a surprise to many, but Hungary ranks 8th in the ranking established by the University along with Poland. Canada ranks first, while Japan ranks last, despite its excellent performance in terms of technology and digitalization.

The professor also explains that a country will succeed in the future if the society fulfills the conditions for a good life. We will hear about the long known Maslow's Pyramid in economics, future-oriented society, the Hungarian education system, behavior in social media and the constant criticism of cryptocurrencies.

If you don't want to miss a really exciting show that will help you learn more about the issues and opportunities in today's society, listen to the episode on Anchor, but it will also be automatically available on Spotify and other podcast platforms. Earlier segments can now also be found on YouTube.