Walt Disney would be proud to see Mickey NFT – After working to protect its brand in 2019, such as the trademark lawsuit against Tron cryptocurrency, Disney appears to see potential in the cryptocurrency space. Specifically, Disney may be seriously considering establishing itself in the NFT world.

Disney is hiring NFT specialists

Take a look at Disney's job site and it's a safe bet that the entertainment giant will soon end up in the NFT race. In fact, Disney has just posted several job opportunities to recruit new talent accustomed to the NFT environment. The positions that will be filled are: Business Development Manager, Marketing Manager, Director of Sales and Digital Marketing, and internship positions in the areas of Business Development and Innovation.

4 NFT-related job opportunities posted by Disney on their website. Disney Careers – Source: Jobs.disneycareers

As for the role of business development manager, it is expected that this person will help "lead Disney's efforts in the NFT space, including monitoring market development, developing strategy and managing key partners." The director of digital sales and marketing will be responsible for developing Disney's efforts in emerging technologies as well as NFT.

Finally, the future director of cultural trends marketing will have to focus on Disney's Hulu streaming platform. He will have to develop strategies so that Hulu can "break into spaces other than streaming". Inevitably, he will have to look into the possibilities opened up by NFT and the metaverse.

Disney continues to conquer the NFT environment

This isn't the first time the Disney brand has been associated with NFT. Last year, Disney partnered with NFT's VeVe platform by licensing its intellectual property. As a result, VeVe is able to launch NFT collections that represent Disney cult characters, such as Walt and his Mickey Mouse and even Rapunzel. In addition, VeVe offers items related to Marvel superheroes (comics and figurines).

Disney Golden Moments - Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse | via VeVe Digital Collectibles Disney NFT on Veve

Furthermore, in an interview with the New York Times, former Disney CEO Bob Iger compared NFT to the cards he collected as a child, and continued.

“Our generation has forgotten that things don’t have to have a physical medium. They can be digital, and that all makes sense to people. “

According to him, NFT represents an extraordinary opportunity for the entertainment giant. On the other hand, he expressed concern about the risk of infringing on Disney's intellectual property, which are already plentiful in the OpenSea market.

In any case, Disney will participate in the NFT race. Like YouTube, this entry can only be beneficial to the ecosystem. Indeed, the NFT field and metaverse can only be truly democratized with the support of the public.

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