IT engineer Billy Markus, who co-founded the original meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin in 2013, took to Twitter to review DOGE's recent price increase (up 6.30% in the last 24 hours, according to CoinMarketCap).

At the time of writing, the leading canine cryptocurrency changed hands at $0.1493, with only a small increase bringing it within striking distance of recovering the $0.15 level. Earlier today, the token managed to rise by $0.15, but then fell below it again, as shown in the screenshot.

DOGE015 Image from CoinmarketCap

The dog coin and its old friend 15 flirtation

– Shibetoshi Nakamoto (@BillyM2k) February 5, 2022

Marcus also tweeted that he was ready for the dogcoin to reverse its trend and start rising again.

Oh. I haven’t looked for a few hours. I’m ready to reverse the trend. I want to feel that positivity again. It’s much more fun to stay optimistic than to assume that anything is going to fall apart at any moment.

-Reputation☢️ (@S0meW0rri3s) February 5, 2022

On May 21 last year, the dogcoin soared to an all-time high of $0.7376, but it did not stay long and failed to go any higher.

The co-founder of DOGE also commented on this, saying that the $0.73 flirtation was short-lived.

Since reaching new highs, Dogecoin has been in a bearish trend, rallying to some smaller highs, only to fall back below them. One of these recent highs was reached on October 20, when DOGE reached $0.3. Since then, it has not been able to get even close enough to test that level.

DOGE new high_00987ui Image from CoinmarketCap

In late 2021, meme coins achieved a milestone that bitcoin failed to maintain – Tesla began accepting it as part of its commodity. In early 2021, the electric car manufacturing giant also began accepting bitcoin for its cars, but then quickly reversed course due to environmental concerns related to proof-of-work mining algorithms.