Funky Llamas is a new NFT project that brings real-world utilities to the table. The program aims to unite people and build a strong community, enabling holders to attend exclusive VIP events, participate in giveaways with incredible prizes, and have the opportunity to trade face-to-face with the development team and program creators.

The collection consists of 9,999 AI-generated, completely unique artworks that are protected on the ethereum blockchain. There is also a "Machu Pichu" series available exclusively to 20 Funky Llama NFT holders, who will receive elite benefits and rewards.

The creators of the Funky Llamas series realized that most NFT programs lacked real-world utility, so they combined digital assets with tangible benefits. These benefits include luxuries such as free round-trip flights, 5-star hotel stays and unlimited drinks at exclusive events Believe it or not, it's true. In fact, some of these benefits will be on the average person's list, but for Machu Picchu collectors, they will become part of their lives.

The team behind Funky Llamas always dreamed of making this project unique, engaging and as interesting as possible. All NFTs have various rarities, and for most projects, this rarity cannot be changed, it is incorporated into the metadata of the NFT itself. With Funky Llamas, all owners can convert their NFTs, and they do it in a very interesting way. NFT owners will be able to feed their Llama a "Funky Mushroom", which will update their Funky Llama NFT to a brand new NFT. This increases its value and gives the owner more real-world rewards

Alpaca to meta-universe

Everyone heard Mark Zuckerberg's announcement that Facebook was changing its name to "Meta" to get people ready for the metaverse. Now, there are countless metaverse apps and endless user experiences. As a result, Funky Llamas plans to host "The Funky Llama Show," a metaverse talk show that will feature celebrity interviews and live music performances. Funky Llama Show host "Llamy Fallon" will be interviewing celebrities, cryptocurrency thought leaders and other special guests. If this didn't catch your attention, it might – 30% of the profits generated from these live shows will be distributed to NFT holders.

The Funky Llamas project is now building its online community on Discord, Twitter and other social media platforms. Users who participate and complete multiple online tasks will be able to earn a spot on the coveted whitelist, which will give them access to pre-sales of digital assets, discounted NFTs, and more. This is becoming commonplace, but for projects like this one, a spot on the whitelist could have a huge impact.

The limit of five NFTs per owner is intended to grow the community and give more people the opportunity to hold one or more of these assets. The "Genesis" series will be available in February 2022 and the hype for the project is growing in the cryptocurrency community.

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