Last year wasn't just fantastic for cryptocurrency prices. According to CB Insights' State of the Blockchain study, there has never been more investment in blockchain and cryptocurrency startups than last year.

700% increase in capital

In 2021, global venture capitalists will invest a total of $25.2 billion in blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. By comparison, the counter in 2020 remains at $3.1 billion. No less than 700% increase in one year


220.1 billion seems like a lot, but it represents only 4% of total global venture capital investment. CB Insights is optimistic about the future of blockchain investment. With the arrival of new cryptocurrencies, NFT and Web3 initiatives, they expect this percentage to increase further in the coming years.

The number of investments is also growing

Not only has the volume of investments increased, but the number of investments in blockchain companies has also skyrocketed. More than a thousand deals have been completed in 2021. This surpasses the 662 recorded in 2020.

It is debatable whether Miami or New York is the cryptocurrency capital of the United States. But the Big Apple is home to 46% of the companies that have received domestic investment. The most notable deals are from NYDIG ($1 billion) and Celsius Network ($750 million).

NFT is like a rocket.

Kanye West isn't ready to start yet, but other investors are raving about NFT. While $37 million was invested in the industry in 2020, that number has grown to $4.8 billion by 2021. An astronomical growth of no less than 12.878%


NFT is a token that represents a unique object. This can be anything, such as artwork, video clips or soccer tickets. By owning an NFT, you can prove that you are the owner of the object. This ownership is recorded on a blockchain, such as ethereum.