People in the cryptocurrency space are now giddy as the business depicts signs of a revival. As the week comes to an end. After being controlled by the shorts for a considerable quarter, greener numbers are attracting traders. The hunt for capable digital assets has become more intense as the market moves towards recovery.

Subsequently, among the large number of digital assets available in the cryptocurrency space. This time MANA, XTZ and QNT have happened so as not to miss out on alternatives. Due to the powerful underlying capabilities and potential future prospects of digital assets.

Are these moonlighting cottage coins?

After a roller coaster week where the bears were on the periphery, star cryptocurrency Bitcoin has finally risen to guide the market. In the meantime, alternatives have come out of their shadows, seeking greener numbers. The market K-chart is now overwhelmingly green. The uptick in coins has piqued the interest of cryptocurrency people.

Decentralization (MANA).

MANA changed hands at $3.04 at press time, recording a profit of 12%. While the asset's market cap hovers around $4,611,070,439, 24-hour trading volume stands at $994,075,312. MANA has been trading in a 24-hour bandwidth from a low of $2.60 to a high of $3.11.

As Metaverse finds increasing interest from millennials and young adults, the Decentraland name is back in the business world. The project that caters to the virtual world is now a one-stop destination for various companies to set up virtual stores. Many companies have been showing interest in Decentraland under the initiative of Samsung and Decentraland.

At a recent event, Sotheby's set an example for other competitors by setting up a virtual auction house in Decentraland. In addition, Miller lite caught the attention of the audience on the grounds that Meta Lite Bar is opening its doors in Decentraland. In addition, Samsung announced a surprise, which introduced something interesting in Decentraland's virtual store.

Tesox (XTZ).

At the time of writing, XTZ was trading at $4.01, up 3.6%, while the market cap was floating around $3,513,524,470. All-day trading volume was $215,600,426. Over the past 24 hours, XTZ has traded at frequencies ranging from $3.79 to $4.04.

In a recent move, Tezos has entered into a multi-year sponsorship agreement with Manchester United. According to some sources, as part of the alliance, Tezos will pay about $27 million per year. for the partner to display its logo on the club's training uniforms. The blockchain company has previously partnered with sports teams that have been powering the network.

The network, on the other hand, has been making strides toward NFT. This week it's Warner Music Group casting the NFT audience on Tezos. In addition, Flo Sports is creating a new NFT fan experience on the network. This could be a revolutionary move for the future of Web 3.0 gaming.

Quantification (QNT).

At the time of writing, cryptocurrency assets are valued at $134.56, up 3.4%. While the market cap hovers around $1,804,966,178, the 24/7 trading volume is $53,902,593. The QNT price has been traversing the bandwidth from $130.79 to $140.82 for the past 24 hours.

The wormhole attack that caught the industry's attention drew attention to the bridging problem. Since then, Quant has been in the spotlight because its over ledger refutes the need for bridges through its interoperability protocol. In addition, the recent release of over ledger v2.1.7 makes the creation of smart contracts even easier.

This is further accompanied by peer-to-peer transactions on any blockchain to any legacy system without central authority. Security, scalability, multiple ledgers, lower transaction costs, agility, and other benefits.

In summary, the digital assets mentioned above have strong fundamentals and foresight with the ability to paint a bigger picture. While prices may move along sideways, the forecast does appear to be bullish over a higher time horizon.