Play-to-Earn GameFi Project Mavatrix Sells Out First NFT Collection, Now Live on PancakeSwap

Mavatrix, the reward-based NFT collection on the Coin Smartchain (BSC), is pleased to announce that it has completed the minting of its first NFT collection.

According to the announcement, Mavatrix sold its collection to public and private investors on January 28, 2022. The collection was launched in December of last year. The collection includes 8,799 unique NFTs, or Mavatars, which are original characters inspired by the Japanese chibi art style. The characters consist of an algorithm that selects each attribute and assigns the DNA associated with each character.

The first collection of NFT characters, unlike those in the game, has a unique feature: their rarity rating. The value of each NFT will be divided into three main groups: rarity, utility and royalty. These groups will be further divided into different subgroups. Note that their rarity grants NFTs the right to collect rewards from the reward pool.

Commenting on this achievement, Giulio Gagliano, founder of Mavatrix, said.

"I would like to thank all those who joined Mavatrix early in its journey. In just over a month, we have successfully sold nearly 9,000 unique NFTs and we are now confident in Mavatrix's ability to demonstrate confidence in its investors".

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In addition to owning NFT, the platform also allows all NFT owners to participate in a generated rewards pool to collect royalties from DeFi transactions on their native token, MVV. Notably, starting March 1, 2022, owners of the collection will be able to collect their upside rewards. After these dates, NFT owners will be able to collect every 24 hours. MVV tokens officially launch on PancakeSwap on February 2, 2022.

Mavatrix strives to become a legend of rewards. Mavatrix is currently working on its first game for money. According to Giulio Gagliano, the project's founder, the game is a community-driven interactive hub for Gacha games. The game will use blockchain and NFT technology to allow users to play various mini-games that will allow them to earn passive income while playing against other players. In the game, each player will generate a unique avatar by minting coins. Note that each avatar can increase or decrease its value in the marketplace based on the user's actions in the game.