Ruby Play Network releases details of $RUBY token economics ahead of its late February launch. The blockchain-based rewards platform released details of its fundraising phase, token allocation, vesting period and token economics for its native token – $RUBY.

Of all the details, zero tax is the best of them all. Zero tax allows the free flow of $RUBY utility tokens to power the entire Ruby Play Network ecosystem.

Details of supply and tokenization shares are shelved, with vesting periods for each round. $RUBY will have a limited total supply of $9 billion, of which 40% will be earmarked for a locked vault for adoption mining.

This RPN news was released during the team's AMA tour, which has been going on all month, and now the final numbers have been released in writing.

Lock-in period and significant linear vesting

The detailed token economics give details such as the team lock-in period, with a monthly linear vesting period of 5 years.

The work that goes on behind the scenes is ongoing, and one of RPN's strengths is alliances and partnerships.

The strategic partnership follows a similar monthly linear vesting schedule over a significant period of time – for 4 years.

Community bonuses and rewards are also initially granted for 4 years. The live and locked vault system is designed to maintain a balance of rewards and bonuses, with additional content from the live vault going into the locked vault after each month.

Strategic features help the ecosystem continue to reward and pay out bonuses, while keeping in line with the fundamentals of adopting mining methods.

Updates to lists and Ruby playlists?

Ruby Play IDO will go live on on February 28th. $RUBY Token Economics also disclosed a $0.01 list price for the 0.05% tokens allocated to IDO.

Two completed rounds of private funding raised over $4.7 million. This investment and seed investment helped drive the continued development and expansion of the platform prior to the token launch.

Web development has been ongoing, strategic partners have been announced, as well as other RPN news and promotions.

The Ruby Playlist is one of the most recent RPN news items. The Ruby PlayList will initially have 1,000 spots and will be randomly awarded to individuals who wish to have the opportunity to purchase $RUBY in advance at a percentage below the token offering listing price.

With only one week left in the 4-week contest and giveaway program, less than half of the original 1,000 spots remain. The Ruby PlayList will remain open until February 21 or as long as there are available spots.

What about marketing?

$RUBY Token Economics is the latest news about the Ruby Play Network. The RPN Telegraph group has seen significant participation as the project prepares for a public offering on

The partnerships established by Ruby Play Network strategically positioned the cryptocurrency gaming platform. One of these strategic partners and investors is the cryptocurrency marketing agency – Coinpresso.

The cryptocurrency marketing firm – one of the best in the industry – has implemented a strategic marketing plan that has worked well for Ruby Play Network.

The game platform was embraced thanks to a clear, concise messaging that communicated the true value proposition inherent in the Ruby Play Network ecosystem.

The marketing strategy formed the basis and structure of the AMA journey that now brings RPN into the circle of serious investors seeking cryptocurrency projects with transparent legal and commercial infrastructure.

Next steps and key points

Releasing the token economics a few weeks before the public offering could further increase the transparency and zero-tax, limited availability of the Ruby Play network – $RUBY.

The release of these details was further confirmed by an audit through TechRate, which Certik will soon follow.

RPN makes a habit of keeping players and investors well-informed. Strawberry Sweeps was recently announced as the latest gaming partner, something Ruby Play is interested in developing – partnering with like-minded game developers to reward $RUBY and other player prizes.

The next few weeks will be occupied with more AMAs, Ruby Play List giveaways and contests, and finally IDO. RPN live games such as P2E – Spin 2 Win are already up and running with $RUBY paid out and other bonus prizes on the Ruby Play Network website. RPN continues to move forward with fully public token economics and the details recently released in the CoinAccelerator

fund and its investment in a cryptocurrency gaming platform. Transparency and authenticity have been the hallmarks of every development the team has proposed using the Ruby Play Network blockchain-based rewards platform to disrupt traditional games.

In the weeks leading up to IEO, expect frequent news and information.




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