NFT has attracted many people around the world with its unique nature. Whether it's pixelated punk or some fun apes, everyone in the ecosystem is looking to get at least one of these tokens. The industry currently has several enthusiasts from the sports, entertainment and gaming industries. Meanwhile, one of Canada's biggest stars, Justin Bieber, has also dived into the ecosystem. Notably, Bieber has been on a buying spree and is buying more digital collectibles for his portfolio.

Justin Bieber is an NFT lover

Justin Bieber is one of the most famous personalities on the planet. Recently, the Canadian superstar's appetite for NFT has reached its peak and is considered an NFT lover.

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Not surprisingly, Beiber's preferences continue to be chosen. Notably, he is interested in the Bored Ape Yacht Club for Millennials (BAYC) project. Last week, he acquired BAYC #3001 for a whopping 500 ETH tokens, worth about $1.3 million at the time of purchase. After the purchase, some enthusiasts suggested that the token purchase could be funded by Gianpierre D'Alessandro, the designer of Bieber's fashion brand Drew. [urchaseofthetokencouldbefinancedbythedesignerofBieber'sfashionbrandDrewGianpierreD'Alessandro

Now, the celebrity has once again purchased BAYC #3850 for 166 ETH tokens, which is currently worth about $470,000.

The latest purchase was made for the first time

According to transaction details from the OpenSea marketplace, it has been observed that the latest non-homogeneous token purchased by Justin Bieber from the BAYC NFTs collection has been sold for the first time. In fact, prior to the most recent purchase, the cryptocurrency collection had only been transferred between owners.

The BAYC #3850 token has many rare characteristics. Notably, the Blue Gang is found in only 0.89% of the collection. And the blue diamond tooth is found in only 0.78% of the collection.

According to OpenSea, the BAYC series tokens have a floor price of 100.5 ETH, worth $285,000.

JustinBieberNFTS Purchased from Betweeners #1931

The Canadian artist controls the account, but has posted several images of NFTs on his Instagram. One of the NFTs includes inBetweeners #1931, which was actually purchased by the association with the address JustinBieberNFTS.