Key Facts.

  • AssangeDAO Group will raise ETH to participate in the NFT auction.
  • The digital collection will be auctioned on February 7.

WikiLeaks creator and founder Julian Assange, who has been detained by British authorities since 2019, has relied on the artist known as Pak to launch a series of irreplaceable tokens (NFTs).

WikiLeaks reported on Twitter that the NFT's goal was to raise money to pay his legal team's fees, which won him his freedom and prevented his extradition to the United States.

The series is called "Censorship," Pak explained. Neither WikiLeaks nor the artist has revealed in which collectible token market the NFTs will be auctioned, only that they will go on sale Feb. 7.

julian-assange-1.jpg.webp Journalist Julian Assange is being held in Britain for exposing possible U.S. war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Source: Wikipedia.

Pak was the first artist to auction the NFT collection at one of the most important traditional art auction houses, such as Sotheby's. On that occasion, he offered a series of digital works that raised $17 million.

The artist released another NFT collection called "Merge" in December 2021, which earned over $90 million in 48 hours. The collection was sold on the Nifty Gateway marketplace.

Pak's involvement in the project, coupled with Assange's global reputation for exposing U.S. actions in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, suggests it will attract public attention.

A group of cryptocurrency punks also went to rescue Assange

Julian Assange's NFT announcement already has a group of "cryptocurrency punks" who are willing to participate in the NFT auction.

In December 2021, a group of people formed the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) when the U.S. won an appeal of a British court ruling barring Assange's extradition, a fact reported by CryptoNews.

"We believe that DAO is a powerful coordination mechanism that cryptocurrency punks can use to free Assange," they noted in a blog post.

For this reason, the organization will collect funds to bid on the auction. In principle, AssangeDAO plans to raise Ether (ETH), the cryptocurrency native to Ether, through JuiceBox. The platform is responsible for facilitating the acceptance of donations or tips through the aforementioned network.

Each participant will donate ETH, which, as an exchange, will receive a portion of the government token $JUSTICE, which will manage AssangeDAO.

"If DAO wins the auction, the community will decide through governance what to do with NFT and DAO's roadmap for the future. If DAO does not win the auction, all funds will be returned to users through JuiceBox (minus the cost of gasoline)," the organization added.

Assange, the journalist in charge of WikiLeaks at the time, revealed (for example, abuses by the U.S. military in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan), for which he was asked to stand trial on 18 counts related to espionage and computer intrusion.

For his lawyers, the charges amount to a sentence of nearly 200 years in prison and are politically motivated.

According to CriptoNoticias, another initiative taken to help Assange was the auction of the portrait of the journalist in April 2021, which was made with dollar bills and raised 1 bitcoin (BTC).


At that time, 30% of the proceeds were also used to pay legal fees to defend against the U.S. appeal.