The Wormhole protocol, which serves as a bridge between Solana and other decentralized financial (DeFi) networks, has been compromised by hackers.

According to the first determination, 93,000,750 ETH as a result of the attack. At current prices, this amount corresponds to a value of more than $250 million (about 3.35 billion lire).

Ekran-Resmi-2022-02-03-00.29.12-scaled.jpg.webp ETH transactions stolen from wormholes, Etherscan

In a statement posted on Wormhole's Twitter account at 23:42 EST, the network has reportedly been taken offline for maintenance as a possible security breach is investigated. It is important to note that the information obtained will be quickly transferred. When visiting Wormhole's website, visitors will receive a warning that the "portal is temporarily unavailable". On the other hand, the team offered a $10 million reward for hackers to return stolen funds by sending an in-chain message.

Second largest hacking incident in DeFi

This is the second largest hack in the DeFi protocol to date. The first was an attack on the Poly network in August 2021. At that time, $600 million worth of cryptocurrency was seized.

*Update: The 80,000 ETH phrase in the first version of the message has been changed to 93,000.

Will be updated as more details come in ……

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