Sportswear and footwear manufacturer Nike has filed a lawsuit against online retailer StockX for allegedly selling unauthorized NFT images of athletic shoes. The complaint was filed in the Southern District of New York.

According to Nike's position, StockX violated trademark rights and misled consumers. The company seeks undisclosed damages and an injunction against the sale of digital assets.

In the lawsuit, Nike said the retailer began offering the NFT in January and said it could buy back the actual version of the shoe "in the near future.

According to the company, StockX has sold more than 500 branded digital collectibles. The manufacturer says consumer complaints about NFT's "inflated prices, ambiguous purchase and ownership terms" and doubts about the legitimacy of StockX's proposed model have damaged Nike's business reputation.

The company says NFT is a way for brands to interact with customers, but some market players are trying to "usurp" it and use the trademark illegally for illicit profits.

Nike also announced a "series of virtual products" with digital art studio RTFKT in February and acquired the studio in December 2021.

The company outlined its ambitions in the digital asset space for the first time in 2019, filing a patent application for a mechanism to tokenize products on the ethereum blockchain.

Recall that Robert Iger, former president and CEO of The Walt Disney Company, had earlier expressed concern about copyright infringement in the NFT space.

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