Pioneering blockchain project Forward Protocol today welcomed a new member to its founding team. Taranveer Sabharwal, President of the Cambridge Blockchain Association, has joined the Forward team.

Sabharwal has extensive experience in the blockchain and DeFi solutions space and is one of the smartest people in the industry. His expertise in blockchain and experience working with innovative companies will add tremendous value to Forward Protocol. The project will also hold a welcome meeting with their newest members.

Taranveer Sabharwal will present Forward Protocol's potential as a Web 3.0 blockchain solution and reveal more surprising details in the next #ForwardAfterHours podcast. The podcast session will take place on February 7 at 3 p.m. CST.

A Rising Star Joins FORWARD Space Crew

Sabharwal's experience in blockchain research goes beyond his impressive resume. For the past 4 years, he has been a successful researcher at leading UK institutes. He is one of the sharpest minds when it comes to solving complex problems. He is the gold medal winner of the British Physics Olympiad. He is also the recipient of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Sabharwal has worked on several Web 3.0 projects and understands all the secret elements behind developing the perfect Web 3.0 solution. With his skills and expertise, Forward Protocol's visionary blockchain adoption model will become even more innovative and efficient.

What is a forwarding protocol?

If you've been active in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space in 2021, it's hard to miss all the resonance around Forward Protocol. This is the most exciting blockchain project to date, designed to make it easier for any industry to adopt blockchain.

Forward Protocol provides a WordPress-like code-free environment where enterprises can easily integrate blockchain tools through simple drag-and-drop operations. Forward Protocol will save the significant costs and technical expertise traditionally required to adopt blockchain. The Forward platform will provide customizable and immediately deployable smart contracts to streamline transactions on the blockchain.

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