After a young Indonesian man suddenly became a millionaire selling a set of hilarious self-portraits on the NFT platform, many people returned to buy them for over $1 million.

Now, not only is he getting attention from NFT investors, but he also claims to be regularly swarmed by girls. After his story became famous and became a viral trend in Indonesia.

According to Kompas, the lucky 22-year-old Indonesian man, Ghozali, said that since he made his fortune selling NFTs, his inbox has been flooded with chats from women.

Nft 1

When asked how many women he talked to, Ghozali replied briefly, "A lot."

He also admitted that he did not reply to any of the women's chats. Because he knew that these women approached him with malicious intent.

Ghozali is known for his OpenSea account, "Ghozali Everyday", his NFT selfie series from 2017 to 2021, which sold for US$986,485 (RM4,126,790). d) This has made him an unexpected millionaire.

Source: worldofbuzz