As the cryptocurrency roller coaster continues in 2022, the community is looking for hedges against price declines, as well as promising investment opportunities for the year ahead.

RBIS is the native token behind ArbiSmart, a rapidly growing ecosystem of EU licensed cryptocurrencies. With a number of exciting new developments, the cryptocurrency is expected to rise and become the next breakout star on the cryptocurrency scene in the coming weeks and months.

Current Developments

The ArbiSmart program offers automated cryptocurrency arbitrage, an investment strategy that takes advantage of temporary price differences between exchanges.


The algorithm tracks hundreds of coins on multiple exchanges 24/7. When a price difference is determined, he buys coins on the exchange with the lowest price and then sells them on the exchange with the highest price. According to the provider, ArbiSmart's profit from cryptocurrency arbitrage varies from 10.8% to 45% per year, depending on the size of your deposit.

Cryptocurrency price differences occur for a variety of reasons, such as liquidity and trading volume differences between large and small exchanges. These will occur time and time again whether the market is currently on the upswing or the downside. Even in the event of a cryptocurrency crash, traders should continue to benefit and realize predictable and stable returns.


Profits are so reliable that you can know exactly how much you can earn in any given period in advance. You can then supplement your RBIS profits by storing them in a long-term savings account, locked in for the life of the contract, with up to 1% interest per day.

The RBIS listing process began in early January and just a few weeks later the token was already available for trading on various top exchanges including LAToken, Coinsbit, HitBTC, Uniswap and SushiSwap. RBIS also appears on all major cryptocurrency tracking sites including CoinMarketCap, Etherscan, CryptoCompare, and CoinGecko, so you always have access to the most up-to-date price data.

Throughout 2022, RBIS will continue to be listed on other increasingly important exchanges. Each new listing means that new cryptocurrency communities can access RBIS and expand the token audience. The larger the exchange, the higher the liquidity and trading volume, which will further drive demand.

Next step

ArbiSmart is just weeks away from releasing its decentralized income farming program, which is scheduled for release later in February. The service is offered through Uniswap and offers a highly competitive return on the money you lend. Pledge your funds and earn 190,000% APY by contributing to the ETH/RBIS or USDT/RBIS liquidity pools and earn a 0.3% fee on each transaction.


Funds can be withdrawn from the account at any time, and RBIS holders have the opportunity to use their tokens to take advantage of other services offered by ArbiSmart's expanding cryptocurrency center on favorable terms.

Shortly after launching its revenue farming service, ArbiSmart will launch its NFT marketplace, which contains a robust collection of 10,000 digital artworks. The ownership and authenticity of these unique works are certified by irreplaceable tokens (NFTs) that can only be purchased through RBIS.

Later in 2022

In the second half of 2022, the development team will be in full swing with a series of additional services that will drive demand even higher. These include an interest-bearing wallet that supports FIAT and cryptocurrencies and offers up to 45% APY per year, and an arbiSmart mobile app for iOS and Android devices that allows account management anywhere, anytime.


The second half of the year will also see the launch of a suite of virtual currency banking services, including a cryptocurrency payment processing solution, debit card and IBAN, as well as a financing platform for promising new cryptocurrency assets.

The release of these new RBIS services and listings on increasingly prominent exchanges will drive token demand. At the same time, the supply of RBIS (limited to 450 million tokens forever) will decrease. When demand starts to exceed supply, the price will rise significantly.

ArbiSmart is gaining momentum as it transforms from a cryptocurrency arbitrage platform to an end-to-end cryptocurrency ecosystem capable of meeting the full range of cryptocurrency financial needs. With all the new developments coming to market, the token could explode, so the timing seems right to buy RBIS now.

Last updated on February 4, 2022

Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile, unregulated investment product. Your money is at risk.