The client controls 82% of Ethernet nodes and the lack of a solution for Ether 2.0 puts the success of the global migration to the PoS network into question.

With the release of the new version of Geth, the mechanism was simplified to redirect RPC process calls from miners to pledgers of Eth2 deposit contracts. It has now raised $25 billion or 9,295 ETH in shares, which will ensure the security of asset verification during the migration process. 12 Automated Liquidity Protocol (AMM) 1inch Network has launched the 1inch Earn platform. The liquidity pool created based on its algorithm used for exchange-traded cryptocurrency pairs centers investors' assets within a certain range of exchange rate variations.

Right now, most capital pools are "stretched" across the entire price range, which reduces depositors' income and leads to capital outflows. The first pool based on 1inch Earn will be the USDC/USDT stable coin pair, which has a less volatile exchange rate range. The new product promises to increase returns to investors by up to 10% per year.