Luxury automaker Ferrari reiterated that it is seriously considering non-homogeneous tokens (NFT), metaverse and blockchain technology.

During the company's fourth quarter 2021 earnings call, Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna assured investors that the automaker is keen to adopt new technologies.

Ferrari recently signed an agreement with Swiss blockchain company Velas Network that will see the startup issue exclusive digital collectibles and sponsor Ferrari's racing team.

Ferrari CEO says adoption of NFT is in full swing

Italian luxury car brand Ferrari is not giving up on its plans to have a place in the virtual world. Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna stated this in response to a question about what the company's investors expect from the metaverse and NFT.

Benedetto insists that Ferrari is exploring ways to integrate new technologies enabled by blockchain, as they will play a key role in the company's future.

What is certain, he said, is that digital technology, the web 3.0 technologies they are using, blockchain and NFT are areas of interest to us and worth watching.

He added that the company has created a division within its retail arm dedicated to digital technology. Ferrari recently signed a multi-year agreement with Swiss blockchain startup Velas Network to build the brand in the metaverse. Velas will issue exclusive digital collectibles for Ferrari's Maranello team. Velas will also be the official sponsor of the team.

New year brings more momentum for NFT

The NFT boom is touching brands across all industries, with the NFT industry poised to gain more major brand adoption by 2022. The Walt Disney Company also recently announced that it is looking to hire NFT experts to manage its digital asset program. Other brands joining the NFT trend this year include Lamborghini, YouTube and Twitter.

With NFT's record sales and the growing interest in digital assets, it's no surprise that more and more brands are developing blockchain adoption strategies around it. Again, the industry is expanding in more ways than one. Today, video game maker GameStop announced it will launch its NFT marketplace, along with a $100 million fund to encourage game developers to integrate NFT.