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ONTUSD D2: 650%+ Get the best level of buy/hold (SL/TP) (New) Important note: Speculative settings. Be your own Due to dill. Use a stop loss. Do not overleverage.

🔸 Summary and potential trade setups ::: ONTUSD D2 K-line chart review ::: K-line chart looks good /strong ::: Upside/Range lock trades The ::: setting is still valid ::: Notable compression in progress ::: Looking forward to the last retracement soon ::: Get ready to buy low later ::: It is better to reload the multi around 26/28C ::: Expected 650% bull market ::: Retesting the sliding S/R line ::: After close to $2.20 ::: Bulls stay outside ready for later ::: Short-term pullback expected ::: Long positions ready to buy after pullback ::: TP long later up 650% ::: Looking forward to a substantial profit soon ::: 40-55% Short-term correction ::: Recommended Strategy: Buy/hold after correction ::: TP BULLS +650% Gain / $2.20 ::: Best to reload BULLS near 26C ::: TP BULLS is $2.20+ Final Removal ::: Swing trading: buy/hold ::: The bull market is not over yet ::: Good luck to traders ::: Buy/hold and get paid. Period. 🔸 Supply and demand area ::: Not applicable ::: Not applicable 🔸 Other noteworthy technologies/funds ::: TD9 / Portfolio Update: N/A ::: Medium-term sentiment: long ::: Short-term sentiment: Bears / Pullback

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