Bridging the Gap Between Artists and the Cryptocurrency Space

This month, Luck & Load announced the launch of their NFT platform, combining the world of NFT with a sweepstakes/trading system, along with new utilities to showcase artists' work.

Luck & Load is a carefully curated platform that provides emerging artists with the necessary exposure and momentum by handling all technical aspects, from the technology to handle smart contracts, developing the minting pages of the website, generating the rare features of the right blockchain for the series selection, while profiting from the royalties when traded on the secondary market.

To realize this vision, Luck & Load launched a series of 10,000 wild cards generated from over 5 features in hundreds of categories designed to serve as an entry ticket into a world of exclusive content, sweepstakes, games and prizes

Profit model for participants. Luck & Load promises higher prize percentages in their sweepstakes, lotteries and deals, as well as a transparent and trustworthy referral system.

Building partnerships and collaborations in the arts. Partnerships and collaborations with emerging talent are an integral part of the Luck & Load roadmap. In the coming weeks, the team plans to announce important collaborations to further engage the community.

Feedback to the community for changes. Genesis holders will be involved in making the platform come to life. The referral system, the percentage of total prizes, the ability to raffle off your own collection, and the opportunity to create deals will be attributed solely to the Luck & Load society.

Incentive model for holders, deal seekers and artists. The team behind the project reveals the benefits of holding Luck & Load NFT. Every trade created on the platform generates revenue for the holder. Holders can also help sell a deal and receive a hefty commission. To make it more attractive and motivating for artists and deal seekers, the team is considering increasing the size of the prize through a dedicated budget allocated from the governance fund.

From revealing digital artists to developing profitable NFT trading systems, Luck & Load is committed to building a sustainable ecosystem on the blockchain.

You can read more about the project here: Twitter: