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Last year was a realignment for many companies after a very uncertain and atypical 2020. But the good news is that now you know how things are going. Back in 2020, leaders didn't know how things would play out, how shopper behavior would shift, which trends would accelerate and which would die out, which meant they weren't trends. The 2020 effect, as I like to call it, is over.

This year – 2022 – is the year of completion.

The waiting time is over. As I said in the introduction to this article, leaders already know what will happen. Why wait? This year, the world, consumers and technology will change significantly, so don't wait for "back to normal" – it's already normal.

Here are my top five suggestions for completing the year.

1. Be sure to know your five-year plan.

If you don't have one, make one. Make your 2022 action plan work for your 2026 goals. This is most important; executing just to cover days, months and quarters is not always the best idea. This is the year to get things done, but be productive and build for your future, not just your present time.

2. Be consistent with your brand.

There's a lot of noise there, both online and offline, so make sure you're consistent across all touchpoints so you can increase your presence with consumers. Don't confuse multichannel with omnichannel.

3. Stubbornness and flexibility.

Be very stubborn about what you want to achieve this year, be flexible about how to achieve it, but keep the "how" moving.

4. Remember, startups and global brands are the same.

The best of both worlds as consumers interact with both and yes, they compare.

5. Make a decision.

Stay agile and quick in your measurements and adjustments. Don't overthink, but don't choose at random.

These are the same five points I shared with my organization at the team's 2022 kickoff meeting.

Starting in 2022, you can expect a few things.

As I said, it continues to be business as usual for consumers, markets and technology. Here are 10 events that will happen in 2022 that I believe will help you strategically build your brand and understand the mindset of consumers in your market.

1. New iPhone released.

Yes, all iPhones do this every year, but with more power, but "14" will be the starting line for Apple's augmented reality projects, and it will drive them into Facebook's meta-project. Let's see if it's a compliment or a competitor. In addition to the new iPhone, Elon Musk's smartphone PI will also be released. There are rumors that it is as powerful as the iPhone and cheaper.

2. Starlink program debuts.

The company, owned by Elon Musk, is dedicated to bringing satellite Internet to remote areas of the world. This move is a huge deal for new audiences and digital presence in the region. Their smartphone PI will be compatible with this satellite Internet, so you will always be connected. This means that local Internet providers may have a hard time because you don't need any of them since you now have a global connection established.

3. E-commerce will double its global sales.

Amazon will continue to lead the global market, but fiscal retail will remain very important, seeking experiences and consumer interactions.

4. Bitcoin and NFT have become a reality.

I hope the world will see how the government legislates, but this is a whole new industry.

5. NASA launches the James Webb Telescope.

This telescope is the most advanced and powerful telescope ever launched and will facilitate many discoveries about Cosmos and Earth's past and future.

6. Technology is becoming faster and faster and faster and faster.

Technology will connect us faster, and 5G will make users more accustomed to accessing everything faster. This will help make consumers hungry for quick responses, instant delivery and other immediate behaviors. The challenge will be to remind them that some things take time.

7. consumers may develop a healthier awareness.

At least to some extent, consumers will maintain healthier lifestyles. Less alcoholic beverages, less meat or meat substitutes (the first non-animal meat will be introduced this year), more yoga, tea and other activities that lead to a healthier lifestyle. This mindset can also include strategies that individuals can adopt to slow global warming.

8. the traveler will be lighter than before.

Travelers will see the world and other cultures, but travel more easily, with trips that are more relaxed, less crowded and using affordable options.

9. Entertainment is a battle to win.

The Netflix effect (as I like to call it) seen in the F1 series proves that entertainment is the key to building an audience. Since the launch of the Netflix series, the global F1 fan base has grown exponentially, tripling the number of people attending the Grand Prix in some countries such as the United States (Austin), where a second race will be held starting this year (Miami). This fact proves that entertainment and content creation are more important than ever. No wonder that more and more services are available: Disney, Amazon, Paramount, etc.

10. Consumers will move quickly between everything.

Consumers like new things; brands need to deliver new products quickly. Experience stores and product launches in certain regions and local campaigns on some channels are just some of the things I believe the world will see. It can be a fast, dynamic and powerful tool for brands.

George S. Patton once said, "A good plan executed roughly now is better than a perfect plan executed next week." I believe this concept will rule the year 2022. It's important to be clear about how this violently executed plan will help you build your future, but it's also important to put it into practice.

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