Key Facts.

  • The Department of Culture, Arts and Heritage will provide funding for the NFT project.
  • The project will receive nearly 8 million Chilean pesos, equivalent to more than $9,700.

A man named Matías Salvador Alarcón Vargas has won a government fund in Chile to finance the NFT (Non-Homogeneous Token) project. This was announced this week by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage following the announcement of the results of the 2022 FONDART Awards.

FONDART is Chile's national foundation for culture and the arts, which has been funding art projects since 1992. In this year's edition, it has selected 2,522 projects, of which it will allocate 27 billion Philippine pesos (Chilean pesos), the equivalent of nearly $3.3 billion (U.S. dollars).

One of the winners is Matías Salvador Alarcón Vargas, who will receive a total of 7,977,570 Philippine pesos to fund his artistic projects for the development of NFT for the Chilean creative sector. This is equivalent to approximately US$9,700, estimated for the cost of equipment for the designated digital content media.

20220204-98.jpg.webp Marías Alarcón received almost 8,000 Chilean pesos to create his NFT. Source: Fundación Cultural.

The project of Matías Salvador Alarcón Vargas was evaluated for more than five months and was one of the 28 winners of the "Creative Economy Promotion Line". The call to apply for funding is made every year from July 2021 to August 2021.

FONDART's goal is to support the development of the arts, the dissemination of culture and the preservation of Chilean cultural heritage. It is currently issuing an open call for applications to be submitted for the next edition of art projects seeking funding.

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