MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor continues to consider alternative ways to increase the amount of bitcoin on the company's balance sheet.

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Michael Saylor, one of the prominent figures in the Bitcoin community, was interviewed by Bloomberg. In the interview, Saylor said that MicroStrategy stocks (MSTR) are a better alternative to other exchange-traded instruments such as grayscale. Saylor also said that MSTR may be more attractive than an SEC-approved spot ETF because it does not charge fees as an operating company. Saylor uses the following statements on this topic.

“If you’re looking for a leveraged bitcoin game with a positive spot return on investment, then MicroStrategy is the only game in town.”

Will continue to purchase

Saylor also said that the company will continue to buy bitcoin and is considering alternative ways to buy large amounts of bitcoin in the future.

“Probably the most attractive and interesting thing to do is to use 110,000 currently uncommitted bitcoins to generate or borrow and then reinvest them into more bitcoins.”

On the other hand, he added that the company has not yet made any decisions and that any plans will be tested against risk parameters.