has partnered with Solana, The Graph, Pyth Network, Ceramic Network, and Arweave to launch a new Builder DAO with the goal of "building a better Internet together".

The origins of Builder DAO grew out of the trials and tribulations of the development community as it tried to make its mark on the new Web3 technology.

Many people are eager to learn, but few are able to master it quickly – Builder DAO is determined to change that.

As a pioneering educator in the Web3 space, has blazed the trail for hundreds of Web3 developers. Last year, the team launched Figment Learn – a platform that facilitates knowledge exchanges and guides 14 blockchain development.

While the project has been a great success to date – distributing hundreds of tutorials and $500,000 in awards to the community – it has found limited scope because of the disconnect between the top-down learning model and the collaborative ownership set of the Web3 technology license.

Builder DAO: Building a better Internet together.

This has driven the creation of the Builder DAO – to be started by a team of Brave builders from Arweave, Ceramic, Figment, The Graph, Pyth and Solana.

Builders Road The vision is simple – a platform for proposing and publishing web3 development guidelines, an incentive reward structure for creators – an open resource for anyone who wants to learn about Web3.

A spokesperson for Builder DAO explained the next steps in creating the platform and community.

"The best way to enhance community vitality is to combine goals with actions," they said.

"Builder DAO is a community that works together to build a better Internet. Its mission is to help builders create the future of the Web.

"As a first step, we are building a prototype learning platform …… Over the next few weeks, we will build more infrastructure and documentation. The current plan is to build a test net platform over the next few sprints. We will then spend time iterating with the community to inform the main net roadmap."

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