• Data aggregator and analytics tool DeepDAO has revealed the launch of the first professional search engine for the DAO ecosystem and its stakeholders.
  • With the search engine, individuals and organizations can easily navigate the vast amount of DAO data and learn all about DAO tokens, networks, and interactions.
  • For its DAO governance token holders, the platform shelves and analyzes organizational data and creates profiles.

DeepDAO, a decentralized and autonomously organized data analytics website, announces the launch of the first specialized search engine for the DAO ecosystem.

The emerging digital world is becoming harder to navigate every day, as the space now boasts more than 4,100 DAOs and some 1.6 million people holding governance tokens.

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To make it easy for users participating in the DAO ecosystem to make informed decisions, DeepDAO has designed its specialized search engine.

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DeepDAO's specialized engine enables users to navigate through the vast DAO ecosystem

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have become part of the cryptocurrency industry, but they will not become an irreplaceable part of the market until mid 2021. Innovative governance structures enable businesses and organizations to be managed digitally, completely decentralized and with unprecedented transparency.

Since mid 2021, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have become an irreplaceable part of the cryptocurrency industry. The unconventional governance structure allows organizations and businesses to go digital in a completely decentralized manner with extraordinary transparency.

Nevertheless, the large number of DAOs in the market prevents individuals from exploring the space and makes it difficult to navigate the ecosystem.

Eyal Eithcowich, founder and CEO of DeepDAO, says the need for a deeper suite of tools arises when emerging, broad networks of people socializing, investing, working and doing extraordinary things together emerge. Individuals and groups need relevant data from the W3 world to connect with each other and to run their organizations in fun and interactive ways.

DeepDAO has designed a comprehensive search engine that allows users to navigate the ever-expanding DAO ecosystem. In addition, the search engine enables users and institutions to navigate through massive amounts of data to understand DAO tokens, networks, and interactions.

DeepDAO can already search millions of ethereum addresses

The platform details and analyzes organizational data to create profiles for its DAO governance token holders. DeepDAO can already search millions of ethereum addresses. The platform also collects the various interactions performed by each address.

The DeepDAO search engine divides data into four categories – people, organizations, expenses, and tools. DAO mentions provide information about all decisions and votes that occur in the DAO ecosystem. Meanwhile, the Tools section shelves dozens of tools for developing and managing DAOs.

In a recent interview, Eitchowich said the launch of a dedicated search engine is an important step because it allows everyone to find whatever they are searching for about DAOs, starting with learning to create, manage and understand the inner workings of a DAO.