Every February, Bitcoinhelper organizes Bitcoin and cryptocurrency elections. In other words, everyone in the Dutch cryptocurrency community can vote again for his or her favorite person. You can vote in different categories from 01/02/2022 to 28/02/20222. All categories, people and companies together make up the list of cryptocurrency influencers. Two new categories have been added this year, Most Popular Cryptocurrency Podcast and Best Technical Analyst. Other categories are Best Cryptocurrency News Page, YouTuber, Price and of course Cryptocurrency Influencer of the Year


Martin, founder of Bitcoinhelper, said that the election was interesting not only for the Dutch cryptocurrency community, but for all the companies and individuals working in the world. "Every vote is just a thank you to all those people who are busy creating content and/or providing products and/or services 24 days a day, 7 days a week."

Doopie Cash 2020-2021 Winners

Last year, Doopie Cash was named Cryptocurrency Influencer of the Year, and Martin presented the award live on the weekend broadcast. According to Berry, that's what it took to finally do so. A thank you note from the Dutch community itself.

Vote for CryptoBenelux

Of course, we at CryptoBenelux were also nominated in the category of best news page. We would be very happy if you vote for us. Receiving this award would be a great thank you note.


If you would like to vote now, you can visit https://www.bitcoinhelper.nl/de-cryptocurrency-influencer-van-nederland-crypto scrutiny-voor-het-jaar-2021/.

Note You can only vote once per category.