Mandel's new features are now in the public spotlight. EOS has released a list of features that will be deployed on Mandel 3.0. It has further developed a roadmap for 2022, starting on January 31, 2022 and ending on May 19, 2022.

EOS has taken the first step towards migration on January 31, 2022. This makes it trade at a value of $2.35, up 2.89% in the last 7 days. According to this popular EOS price forecast, the trading value is estimated to reach $3.90 by the end of the roadmap.

Step 1

Mandel 3.0 takes the EOSIO 2.0 codebase to the next level by deploying four new features. It recently initiated the migration process and is now planning to release Mandel 3.0 on the public test network by March 1, 2022, the final release date.

Testing on the public test network will be performed by the community. It is estimated that the citation testing process may take less time than expected.

The four new features announced for release are configurable WASM limits, operation return values, getting code hashes, and updates to the Mandel system contract.

Configurable WASM limits will allow block producers to increase the size of their smart contracts. This will allow them to deploy more powerful and faster contracts. Action return values will generate proofs for IBC (short for Inter-Blockchain Communication) and enable robust data access.

The ability to get a code hash will allow one account to read another account's version of the contract. This will improve overall performance and increase its security. Updates to the Mandel system contracts will eliminate the need to upgrade all nodes when deploying each feature.

New features in Mandel 3.0 are also seeking to accelerate contract payments. This will process transactions on behalf of the user of the smart contract.

Mandel's roadmap for 2022 actually ends in May. For now, the team doesn't plan to go beyond that. The first step is to release the code needed for public testing on Jan. 31, 2022.

Community testing will now take place prior to the final release in March 2022. Community members will be looking to check the stability of Mandel 3.0. Once the community approves, the team will announce a hard fork schedule.

Contract payments will then be enabled using the published private key and the hard fork will then be reverse ported from Mandel 3.0 to EOSIO 2.1. The last two steps of the roadmap are the next Eden election and the activation of the hard fork.

The public testing of Mandel 3.0 is expected to last a short time, as the community has already tested most of the features on EOSIO 2.1.

The new features will first be ported to EOSIO 2.1 to create Mandel 2.3. This will allow EOSIO 2.1 users to migrate to Mandel 2.3 and test the features while remaining on the EOS network.