Capitrade Launchpad is the first fully operational cross-chain IDO Launchpad on Terra Network and will assist early stage blockchain projects in raising funds in a decentralized manner.

The release of the Capitrade Launchpad has created a high demand for CDE token seed sales, entitling interested investors to purchase CDE tokens before they sell out. To purchase CDE tokens, please click on the link to complete your purchase


Further development of Capitrade Launchpad

We are very pleased to commend the speed at which our project is progressing. Capitrade is stabilizing and dominating the cryptocurrency world. The words of major influencers alone say it all.

The front-end development team also began rigorous research into the Wallet Connection API and the method of deploying our static site using the API gateway. This will help protect the project from distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS).

Capitrtade's team is building the ecosystem on terra Network. The next release will bring Capitrade closer to the main network release. In short, they are happy to bring us new developments in the project. Capitrade has made no secret of its upcoming launch of its IDO Launchpad. For now, it has released an exclusive front-end demo with polished UI/UX templates/design that is both user-friendly and easily accessible via desktop and smartphone.

Capitrade Ecosystem

The Capitrade ecosystem will be democratized and decentralized through CDE tokens, allowing token holders to be not only part of the ecosystem and governance board, but also key architects behind the decision-making processes and pathways throughout the ecosystem. CDE tokens are designed to have multiple use cases that give power back to the community and provide unique benefits to token holders within the ecosystem. The most prominent feature is about the five-tier system. This makes the project primus inta pares (the first of the equals).

Capitrade is ready to play an important role in guiding the ecosystem, filtering out low-quality projects, providing a fairer token distribution, and helping developers realize their ideas with the support of our utility token, $CDE. How does Capitrade achieve this goal? By using the mechanisms of a layer-based system.

Capitrade Launchpad Exciting Features

  • Rigorous review process for high quality projects – Capitol’s mission is to bring high quality projects and products to investors and individuals worldwide in a fair and decentralized manner.
  • Fair and decentralized fundraising – Fundraising is a key step in driving product growth and development, and we offer the best decentralized fundraising platform for turning project ideas into reality
  • IDO for Accessing Terra Projects – Provides users with a user-friendly gateway to seamlessly access and invest in rigorously vetted projects built in the Terra ecosystem.
  • Secure and compliant – Capitrade ensures that projects launched through the platform maintain the highest standards of security (token vesting, locked-in liquidity) and are fully compliant.

Integration with other blockchain networks

In addition to supporting the Terra project, Capitrade will focus on integrating the Ether, BSC and Polkadot chains for more adaptable pool types and whitelisting criteria. It has already built a prototype centralized solution.

The next generation of decentralized Launchpad will be created using the best DeFi industry standards, providing real-time settlement, best-in-class security, interoperability, true decentralization, and zero counterparty risk.

CDE Holder Reward.

Staking For Pool Access: Pledge CDE to participate in early token sales for projects built on Terra Network.

Governance: Holding CDE tokens to vote and submit proposals

Liquidity mining: rewards for liquidity providers

Fees: By holding CDE tokens, a percentage of the money earned is credited to the treasury.

Users need to pledge Capitrade tokens CDE to get more CDE = higher lottery rating = higher chance to win.

Purchase CDE tokens at seed sales

Visit the link Capitrade Token Sale page to buy CDE tokens in the seed sale –

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Founder: Eric James

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before purchasing any cryptocurrency.