Exclusive virtual 3D collections from groundbreaking digital artists, including limited edition lithographs of Star Wars, Batman and other Hollywood blockbusters, are coming to Terra Virtua.

Pioneering digital artist John Taylor Dismukes has partnered with metaverse and NFT platform Terra Virtua to turn Dismukes' original 1982 airbrush painting Death Dealer into a collection of AR and VR collectibles irreplaceable tokens (NFT), the first of which are the first of four available starting today, February 2, to fall each month.

In a career spanning several decades, Dismukes began focusing on digital art more than 30 years ago. He began his career as an illustrator in Hollywood, working for clients in the music and entertainment industries.


Dismuke's original airbrush paintings have graced the albums and merchandise of rock legends including Steppenwolf, The Grateful Dead, Megadeath and Foreigner. John has worked with some of Hollywood's biggest studios to create logos, posters and merchandise including Mad Max, Transformers, Jurassic Park, the original Terminator trailer and Star Trek.

In addition to his work in film and music, Dismukes has created an impressive body of work for the video game industry. He began collecting game art in 1985, including Epic Games' Unreal logo, Blizzard's Diablo III logo and Sid Meier's inventory art for Civilization.

Dismukes' entry into the NFT realm shows his passion for the next artistic evolution and how the artists of 2022 can offer their fans a whole new way to own the work of their favorite artists. Death Merchant has been carefully recreated as a unique NFT collection with amazing detail.

Offering four basic themes; Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, each variant in this release is a unique AR and VR collectible with a unique combination of colors and textures. The first of the four NFT drops is Fire Elemental, a blazing artifact asset with yellow emissions, available in six rares.

Starting today, February 2, the first exclusive Fire Elemental NFT drop will be available here with a total casting count of 601. The Death Merchant NFT series will offer six rare items.

Jawad Ashraf CEO Terra Virtua reviews, "Supporting the digital art community is something we are passionate about at Terra Virtua. We are thrilled to be working with John to create this extraordinary series and bring the art of the merchants of death to a whole new audience."


The AR/VR collection is a new frontier for artists, especially when augmented reality gives people the opportunity to live and breathe a piece," says John Taylor Dismukes. Sharing my art in this way is something I've wanted to do my whole life. Platforms like Terra Virtua offer great opportunities for artists to participate in this new frontier/community, and we're excited to be a part of it."

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