PF launched Operation Valletta, the third phase of Operation Kryptos, which targets the activities of the company "Pharaó dos Bitcoins", GAS Consultoria. Accused of running a financial fraud scheme that promised a fixed income using cryptocurrencies, the operation eliminated the fraudulent activities that were still under investigation.

After 16 days of the first phase, the PF and the Federal Tax Service launched the second phase of operations against pyramids using Bitcoin images. It is worth remembering that several arrests were made in these cases, in addition to the confiscation of documents that would help prove the operation of the company.

PF launches Operation Valletta, the third phase of Operation Kryptos, targeting the "Bitcoin Pharaoh" company

The Federal Police, in a joint operation with Gaeco/MPF, launched Operation Valletta this Thursday morning (3). According to PF, the name refers to the capital of the island of Malta.

Approximately 20 federal police officers issued preventive arrest warrants and five additional search and seizure warrants. These new warrants were issued by the Third Federal Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro, following an investigation by the police and the Federal Public Ministry, and were executed in the states of Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo.

It is worth remembering that the first phase only targeted suspects from Rio de Janeiro, since the headquarters of GAS Consultoria is located in Cabo Frio. However, in this phase, no suspects were sought from the state.

The investigation led the authorities to a lawyer who managed the company located in Campo Grande (MS). She was seen as the basis for the continuation of the coup and intermediary business of GAS and offshore companies.

According to PF, the lawyer's intermediary activities intensified when the "Bitcoin Pharaoh" was arrested.

“As found, the conduct of the investigation allowed the illegal activities carried out by the company to continue even after the outbreak of the first phase of the operation. It was also found that the intermediation of such illegal financial transactions intensified after the outbreak of the said operation in August 2021.”

GAS uses third parties to create cryptocurrency exchanges

This GAS Consultoria division operated from MS may be a division of the criminal organization that created a cryptocurrency brokerage firm.

For the authorities, the brokerage company was created to "prevent criminal schemes, blockades and subsequent confiscations of value by criminal prosecution agencies".

Under investigation, the targets of the third phase of Operation Cryptocurrency are expected to be responsible for crimes such as illegal issuance of securities, criminal organization and money laundering. If convicted, they could face up to 22 years in prison.

Lawyers who specialize in crimes involving cryptocurrencies and represent clients who have filed lawsuits against GAS say the action was already expected

In a conversation with Livecoins, Artêmio Picanço, a lawyer specializing in crimes involving cryptocurrencies, recalled that this was already expected. According to him, this practice was seen in the Egyptian operation, as well as in the Egyptian operation against Indir, by PF, as well as in the Operation Guardian process and Lava Jato itself.

“Third. Like Lava Jato, Operação Egypto (Indeal Case) and Operation Daemon (GBB Case – Bitcoin Bank Group), the stage of the Kryptos operation is already expected, as it is still ongoing and aims to bring to the guidance more elements of the criminal case.

At this stage, it is expected that the presence of new elements and new concerns will facilitate our performance as client attorneys. This situation is very important because we can claim the value of retaining criminal records from there, which we have done as a matter of practice.”