The cryptocurrency world is looking to not miss the opportunity to extract gains for sprints and marathons. While cryptocurrency people look to renew their assets for short-term gains. Traditional tokens such as bitcoin and ethereum remain ideal tokens for marathons.

The second largest digital token, Ether, has been leading the cryptocurrency industry as well as numerous other businesses in the field. This has been attracting extremists of Ether and convincing buyers to set their hawkish sights on digital assets.

Breaking Ether's Achievements

Ether has established itself as a dominant player in the cryptocurrency business and maintains its hegemonic position in the industry in several areas. This is despite its limitations that limit the second largest cryptocurrency to a greater extent. Ether's TVL has been one of its main strengths, with the digital asset ending the previous year with a TVL of $153 B.

Speaking of cryptocurrency achievements, Ether revenue reached $10.9 B in 2021. Despite the high cost of gasoline, NFT sales on OpenSea generated $1.5 B in revenue that year. Its nearest L-1 competitor, BSC, earns $1.0 B. In terms of revenue from Ether's creators, the figure is $3.5 B, second only to Spotify, YouTube and Etsy.

In addition, Ethernet is expanding at a commendable rate, with the protocol's Layer 2 solution already establishing a name for itself in the industry. Some of the industry's notable players include Polygon, ZkSync, Loopring, Arbitrum and others. L-2's faster TPS and lower costs have already piqued the interest of the region's masses.

Finally, don't miss the destruction rate and the deflationary state, which has destroyed 1,721,915 ETH since the start of EIP-1559. Furthermore, as previously discussed on CoinPedia, the inflation rate for ETH has been lower than Bitcoin. In addition, the ETH price mentioned by Ark Invest's exec claims that 20 T market cap still exists among savvy people. Furthermore, the above metrics have become the upper limit for Ether in a global sense.