Key points.

  • EvedreamSoft, the creators of the popular tactical card game Spell of Genesis, the first handheld game to introduce NFT, announced that they will be selling premium LAND in The Sandbox
  • The company will part ways in a 6×6 virtual real estate sale on February 10; buyers will be entitled to exclusive NFT
  • EvedreamSoft will launch a virtual social hub designed to bring players to the location and introduce Genesis Magic Cosmos to the metaverse

Switzerland-based blockchain gaming pioneer EverdreamSoft has announced the exclusive sale of premium land parcels in the leading cryptocurrency virtual world, The Sandbox. The company will sell a 6×6 land parcel that surrounds the virtual EverdreamSoft Estate and neighbors of Blackpool, Apes of Space and eToro virtual spaces. The sale will take place next week, on February 10.

EverdreamSoft's Social Hub will connect the Spell of Genesis fantasy world to the virtual world, driving traffic to the exclusive virtual estate

The purchase of EverdreamSoft's virtual plots will reward the Swiss gaming company and its metaverse neighbors with exclusive irreplaceable tokens (NFTs) created by the company. Purchasers of premium virtual real estate will receive full ownership of the LAND they purchase and the accompanying NFTs.

One of the NFTs EverdreamSoft will be giving away to LAND investors is the iconic "BearWhale," a digital collectible inspired by the infamous bitcoin trader who manipulated the price of BTC in the early days of the cryptocurrency. The remaining four NFTs, including "Satoshi, Creator of the Blockchain" and "Sir of Ether," will hit the Sandbox marketplace at a later date.

In The Sandbox, land is represented by LAND tokens, built on top of Ether's ERC-721 standard. There are 166,464 LANDs in the virtual world, and their valuation usually depends on their rarity and proximity to well-known landowners. For example, someone paid $450,000 to become neighbors with the iconic rapper Snoop Dogg.

EverdreamSoft's upcoming Social Center aims to increase awareness of the virtual realm the company is selling by providing interaction with characters from Genesis Spellbound Cosmos directly from The Sandbox. The Social Center will occupy a parcel of EverdreamSoft's land and is being developed in collaboration with the renowned virtual world architects at Nabiya Studios. Shaban Shaame, founder and CEO of EverdreamSoft, explains.

“The sandbox is at the forefront of the metaverse, shaping the future of decentralized creativity. EverdreamSoft’s land will enable the iconic world of Spells of Genesis to expand into exciting 3D virtual worlds. The partnership with Sandbox will take the world of Spells of Genesis to a fascinating new dimension.”

Interest in the metaverse and NFT is at an all-time high. For example, OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace, had its best month on record in January 2022. In addition, Animoca Brands, owner and developer of The Sandbox, raised $358 million in an earlier funding round led by Liberty City Ventures. This boosted the company's valuation to $5 billion in January.

Sandbox's native governance and utility token, SAND, has performed very well over the past week, rising over 8% to $3.64 at press time.