LooksRare airdrop prize pool worth $120,000,000 Appearance tokens (approximately $270,000,000), representing 12% of the total NFT community supply.

About LooksRare

LooksRare puts community first NFT Market Active rewards for participating traders, collectors and creators.

$ Appearance is the native token of LooksRare. All for a standard 2% fee NFT Trading (lower than competitors), and 100% of the transaction costs are covered by It appears that pledgees So the more people who trade in the market, the more $ WETH Earnings. LooksRare Marketplace indexes all NFT collections on the Ether blockchain.

How do I join LooksRare Airdrop?

Up to 10,000 $LOOKS per airdrop token

Airdrop end date survives only a few days

Requirements for earning free cryptocurrency

LooksRare banner Native Blockchain

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Estimated Value ~$270,000,000 Prize Pool

Other ICO Information

Total Supply $202,579,200

Blockchain Network Ethernet (ERC-20)

Markets Uniswap, MEXC, Firecoin Global, Hotbit, BigOne…

LooksRare Airdrop – Unofficial Video Review