Talk to any cryptocurrency or blockchain veteran, whether their interests lie in retail, institutional investment or building their blockchain project, and they'll tell you that gaming and the metaverse will be the driving force that leads the Web 3.0 revolution.

These projects represent the expanding Cosmos that will challenge social norms, demonstrate the value of digital assets, social status and brands in the virtual realm, and ultimately see people living completely different lives online as an extension of their real lives.

This fascinating and encapsulating virtual reality will require large databases and data storage solutions that end users will eventually want to decentralize. After all, if people build their own extensions in virtual worlds, they will share more of themselves than they do with the traditional centralized data world (i.e., like Google, Meta [formerly Facebook], Amazon, etc. ……).

Think about how much pressure these centralized database companies typically face from regulators, because the average person understands the true value of data and the true scope of the data privacy issues affecting society today.

That's why business-to-business, public blockchain-focused decentralized data storage and database solutions like IneryDB will play a critical role in the Web 3.0 revolution. The need to store data for multi-billion dollar metaverse and gaming projects like Decentraland and Axie Infinity (which has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide and will eventually grow to millions) will be critical.

How IneryDB plans to have a major impact on Web 3.0

To understand the real value that IneryDB offers, one needs to understand how cloud storage currently works. First, the space is monopolized by data oligopolies that have traditionally controlled all of our data (see the companies mentioned above). Second, these organizations have a vested interest in providing users with a "free" or easy-to-use platform in exchange for valuable data.

It took decades, but people and governments are now realizing the true value of what they gave up. Not only. Traditional and centralized data companies spend billions of dollars building large data centers, and they make billions of dollars the ability for businesses to access data and transfer large amounts of data in a secure and efficient manner.

That's the problem. For enterprises, the costs associated with this can be severe. Most 2.0 cloud storage companies don't have a clear pricing strategy for startups and enterprise-level customers because their needs are so different. In this sense, the cost of data could kill the enterprise. This idea runs counter to everything that decentralization and blockchain technology has to offer.

Even other decentralized storage solutions have problems. They are end-user centric. Not business-to-business focused.

IneryDB will dominate and lead the Web 3.0 data storage revolution

Inery's first private sale raised over $2.8 million. The project is not targeting decentralized storage solutions like Filecoin, Storj, Sia or others that rely on user hard forked space to meet end user needs. IneryDB is designed to serve the larger enterprise.

It's not just blockchain-based. It also offers the flexibility developers need, the ability to search data sets at lightning speed, and a combination of storage and cryptocurrency data on the blockchain that provides best-in-class security for sensitive data.

IneryDB integrates seamlessly with third-party applications, so it will be able to serve CRM tools, accounting systems, games and virtual worlds.

IneryDB combines database capabilities with data storage at a scale that will serve virtual worlds for years and years to come. Web 3.0 businesses will love using it, and gamers and virtual world enthusiasts won't have to worry about sharing their most valuable information when creating their own extensions online.

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