Spain's financial regulator has issued new guidelines for the promotion of its cryptocurrency services.

With the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in multiple use cases with better opportunities, few people are still trying to manipulate people's minds to get into some unfair cryptocurrency projects. There are also many possible cryptocurrency advertisements where people are engaging in some risky activities. For example promoting specific cryptocurrency assets.

Spanish financial regulator Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores has issued new guidelines for all cryptocurrency businesses and companies, large and small, to include the promotion of their cryptocurrency-related services in new restrictive guidelines. The new guidelines will come into effect on January 17, 2021.

Under the new rules, all advertisements related to cryptocurrencies should be clear to people and should also mention the possible risks associated with participation/investment.

The new cryptocurrency advertising rules also make provisions for cryptocurrency ads that are expected to target an audience of more than 100,000. All of these cryptocurrency ads will need to report their cryptocurrency advertising campaigns to the Spanish regulator 10 days in advance. In addition, all small-scale ads will be subject to the agency's attention to determine if any companies/businesses are trying to mislead people.

Under these new guidelines, all cryptocurrency influencers are also included, and they are limited to complying with all these rules under the supervision of CNMV. This clearly indicates that cryptocurrency ads targeting 100,000 users will be strictly imposed on Instagram, Youtube cryptocurrency influencers.

The main important thing that the CNMV agency ordered for all cryptocurrency advertising operators is to mention the 100% risk of the investment. The agency says that every advertisement should mention that the investment is not regulated by government agencies and that all investments can eventually lose money.

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